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Help required... storage verses heat issues!

I saw some hard core types at the Eden Project HM with mesh gilets loaded up with gels, water bottles and other important 'stuff'. I was too in awe at the time to ask them where they got them from. However I really need something similar and very lightweight for my two HM's in March, mainly for my inhaler that won't fit down my capris!!! I don't like to wear much when I run, so it needs to be mesh stylie as I get so hot that even in this weather I often strip down to my bra.

Can anyone recommend anything please?

Thankyou, Juicyju


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I've seen these. I think they're called Ultra vests. Seen one called a Camelback. Jacket cum backpack type thing


great, I will get googling!!Thankyou...


What about this...its even got handcuffs!!! Perhaps thats a bit too hardcore!!!!!


Hehehe that made me laugh.


or how about a bum bag - assuming there will be water points on the HM route?

of course it would need to co-ordinate with all of your other Nike gear like this?

slim, light weight & expandable .....


You know that's totally perfect as I could slip it round the bag and I'd never know it was there... Thank you!


You can get Karrimor ones in Sports Direct for £3.50

That's what I use. I wear mine round the back of my hips and usually wear it inside my shorts and don't know it's there at all. It carries my mobile when out training and jelly sweets when at races.


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