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well this is me trying again

For those who dont know me I did couch to 5k in 2012 started in March and graduated in late June, fell off my bike in late July and broke ankle. Eventually by November was able to walk without limping too much have started and stopped so many times since then then got depressed put on 2 stone and have been virtually a couch potato again.

Well 2014 has started well and lost 11 lb loads more to go but its going feel quite determined so started back on the plan. Week 3 yesterday but those 3 minute runs nearly killed me even though I was going really slow. I know exercise also helps with mood so need to stick with it.

Will see how tomorrow goes on w3d2.

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Well done with getting started again, good luck tomorrow. :-)


I remember you glendam52, you encouraged me onwards when I was a undergraduate, now it's time for me to return the favour. It sounds like you've had a right old time of it but are bouncing back now, keep at the programme and you will reap the benefits as you have before - best wishes to you. :-)


Well done , I know how easy it is to fall off the wagon after a long break . I've been out of action 8wk now so I can imagine how hard it's been for you . I'm restarting in a week so we are in the same boat . Good luck with all your runs .


Thanks for your replies nice to be part of this supportive group again.


I remember you from before and felt for you when you broke your ankle. Welcome back and well done on your restart. You have done it before so you know you can do it again. :-D

You could always join Realfoodieclub's new Quest which she will be posting tomorrow, if you wanted some added incentive.


Good luck!

I finished c25k a couple of months ago, but got an hand breakage injury just before the end (not from running!). Managed the post-week 9 graduation run, but then arm got more complicated and needed surgery and weeks with a cast on, so no running, and quite a lot of time feeling very rough indeed.

I just restarted today (the sunshine helped). It's only been two months off for me, but I want to do this right and build up strength and flexibility properly and not injure myself. I'm looking for a long term habit, not the short term challenge. So, I've gone back to week 1. I was thinking to do at least one run from each week, and then maybe all three from weeks 5 onwards, but will play it by ear.

Anyway, keep posting and I'll cheer you on too. I know how even a small injury (in my case) can throw everything. Must be way harder given so much time off your feet.


Welcome home glandam52

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Hi - well done to getting back on track. The hardest part is convincing yourself to get back to it and you've done that now so it will only get easier. Something that helped me get through the C25K was doing leg strenghtening exercise as typically they were the things that let me down. I down loaded some free workout programs from but im sure there are more on the web.

good luck with it and start thinking about the next challengeC210K. If I can do it I;m sure you can


Dont you feel like such an athlete knowing how to start again?


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