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Successful walk

Well just been out for a walk with my little pooch , I think roughly 3k( garmin on charge ) & I am soooo happy , no ibrufen , no pain I even did a few little light jogs . Go to see physio next Friday & hopefully I can get out there . Trouble is I'm getting a lot of negative comments from family & friends , stick to walking , you will do it again , your 55 walk it's just as good , you will end up a cripple ! Wish they would put a sock in it . I'm starting from wk 1 do you think I'm doing right starting again from scratch after 8 wk break ? I've not been doing any other excercise only walking & hoola hooping . Thanks for any advice .

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Hi Rockette Enjoy the walks with the dog! I walked my neighbours dog over the soggy fields on Wednesday and we had a really good work-out as he's so pully and strong. Phew.

Don't listen to the negative types Rockette. They're just jealous cos you're doing it and they won't. That's their choice and you made yours.

Everything hinges on what your ankle dictates. You'll know whether its right or not when you start trying to run on it. Makes sense not to do too much to start with, so maybe a bit of free running to see how it goes. I started back with Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed, and having flopped at those, went back to week 9 of C25k and found my level there. I couldn't face going back to week 1, but your ankle might dictate that you have to.

Walking the dog on your rest days is a good plan. Pooch will appreciate it too. Wonders off singing "I love my dog as much as ...... tiddly dee di dee


I think it's a good idea to start off again at week one and play it by ear...or by ankle :D You can always take the decision not to do each run 3 times if it feels good.

I don't think friends and family are necessarily jealous, more concerned. But they have no expertise on the matter, nor do they get the joy of discovering you can run. I'd be tempted to smile, tell then they're right and then quietly get on with building up your running without telling them.


Yes good advice from u both , good idea lemondoodle , say nowt & that's what I'll do .


Glad you're back out there Rockette. I would discuss your walks & runs with your physio, as they are the experienced ones in this area. Show them The Couch to 5k and see what they say. You'll also know if you feel you're doing too much too soon as your body will tell you. The physio may introduce some techniques that you can keep doing throughout the year so that you can keep your ankle strong.


Excellent news Rockette that you're managing so much better on the ankle. Don't listen to others unless they are qualified to offer an opinion! It's your ankle and your running so you are in the best position to decide on the right balance between the two. Just build up gradually if the physio givess their blessing. Perhaps no need to follow the programme exactly but follow the 10% rule for increasing distance/ time on your runs. Good luck!

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This is good news and why the heck nNOT start at Week 1 again? It will give you a goal to aim for!


Great you're back out there luv. I think its a good idea to start slowly and work up. Sounds like friends and family are concerned for you but you're not 70 odd and even if you were you could still do it anyway! You've had an injury which you will overcome mate.


Great that your ankle is getting better. I think that sometimes those the are discouraging are just like we were before we started the 9 weeks. We didn't think it possible & they don't either, so they worry. Tell them that you'll take the physio's advice & so there really is no need to worry.


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