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So, I have just found out I have a place in the great north run in September! This is great as it is my goal to complete this race, however I had a trip to the docs this morning & I have strained the ligaments in my left ankle & have been advised not to run until I am completely pain free, I'm a new runner I only got to week 2, now I'm hoping this ankle thing won't stop me achieving my goal, any tips or advice for speedy healing & good prevention of it happening again, very welcome.

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Take the doctors advice. Rest it to make sure you recover . Is there a good sports physic near you - might be worth investing in a session. Can you do gym work that is low impact??

My main advise is let your body heal - or it will just set you back further if you pouch it to far to soon.


I agree healing is the best thing. You still have time, September is months away. Best to take the time now and heal properly. Also do you know how you damaged the ligament? So as not not go straight back into running and do it again. Shoes and joints are the things to look at if it wasent a accident. Good luck I am sure you will heal soon.


Thanks for the replies, When I started following Laura's advice & heel striking, the pain 1st started & it's gradually got worse (hence the trip to the docs) i assume this had something to do with it, my doc advised to use the flat or ball of my foot, which I was doing before. I have a decent pair of trainers but now I know I defiantly have a place in the run, I will go to a specialist shop and get fitted for a good pair. I will rest up & hopefully be back out running soon. X


It has been posted on here before that "heel striking" is the one bad piece of advice Laura gives - it's a shame the podcasts can't be altered as this does seem to cause problems time and again. The general consensus does seem to be that mid-foot or toe strike is actually the more natural way to run and makes you much less prone to injury. I can only repeat advice already offered - rest it fully and then get your gait analysis done. I feel sure that you have time to build up to the half marathon by September. Congratulations on getting your place, by the way - will see you there (I also got the email yesterday telling me I have a place!)

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Congratulations to you too lolb, have to say I'm a little nervous, think the fact that ive hurt myself so early on has worried me, but I like a challenge, & I've wanted to do the race for ages, so I will do it!!!! see you in September! X


Good luck! My daughter took part last year and was a complete new runner too, she had a few setbacks but still made it! Don't give up and stay positive!


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