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W6r3 Posterior Tibial tendonitis???? Gutted!!!!

Was just laying out my kit for w6r3 run and getting into the mindset (v excited as this is the run where you officially become "a runner"!) and noticed the niggling soreness in my ankle was getting more pronounced. Rapidly googled the symptoms which threw up posterior tibial tendonitis - I have mild over pronation (wear stability trainers) and weak calves so am apparently susceptible to injuries like this. It's like a tenderness an inch above and slightly behind the inner ankle bone, different to Achilles tendonitis which I've had before. Something twanged when I was reaching on tiptoe for something yesterday and I'm aware of a tenderness when walking around. Am I right not to run today (probably a stupid question)? It's not painful just tender but I don't want to exacerbate it and have to take weeks off. My ankles have generally felt increasingly stiff over the last week or 2. Has anyone else had anything like this and how long was the lay off period if any? Am hoping by abstaining at this stage, it will be days rather than weeks. SO frustrating!!!! Was getting on so well, injury free, and really looking forward to this run - the sun is out and beckoning!! Gutted.

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I used to get tendon problems when I started and didn't used to warm up. A three day break thankfully always sorted them out.

Personally I'd suggest a break.

Do you stretch at all? I now make a point of stretching my calfs in every warm up - I'm not sure this helps, but seems to for me.


Hi Matp, I stretch post run but not pre run - I'll try stretching after the 5min warm up walk and see if that helps - thanks for the suggestion. If it settles after 3 days rest I will be delighted! The Achilles tendonitis lasted months which is why I'm so freaked out by these minor twangs. Think I'll rest a few days as you say, then redo wk 6.


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