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Freezing thighs and rainy days!

Hi I have just started week 3 and I have run 2 tomorrow, yesterday I went out in the rain like a trooper but when I was running my thighs and backside were freezing! I normally feel a little cold there but it was really bad, when I got back I had a shower and the water was burning, I dressed my now blotchy legs but they felt cold all day. Has anyone else had this and any recommended solutions?

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I wear compression underwear which seems to help me not to get too chilled. I also put on a very thin waterproof jacket as soon as I finish running, which stops me getting over cold on my cool down walk. It works. Before that I used to feel so cold right to the middle of my bones and it would last all day. Aldi have some compression legs and tops in their sale. They are not cheap but have helped me greatly.


The top is gorgeous! I want to get the bottoms next.

You can get nike or karrimore thermal running leggings which would keep you warmer


I completely agree that compression undies are the way to go. Have the added advantage of stopping everything wobbling about!

I also run in my lightweight waterproof jacket when it's windy, and it makes a dramatic difference to staying warm. Surely Spring will come soon!


I found this too when I started. I then found some running trousers in Lidl and they have an extra layer in the thighs so never had this problem again with winter running. When I take them off my thighs are sweating. :)


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