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Rainy running


That was the first time I've run when it has not just been raining but properly tipping it down. And windy! But not cold so while I can hardly say it was fun, it could have been worse.

And actually, it reminded me that the feeling of "I HATE this, I just want to go home" is never as strong as the feeling of "I'm SO glad I did that!" when you DO get home!

Happy Bog-snorkelling :-D

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Can't beat a good rainy run and that lovely self satisfied feeling afterwards my fellow bog snorkler!!


I love the rain, it's the wind that does for me.

Noaky12Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

Avoid the beans Dunder!!!

Dunder2004Graduate in reply to Noaky12

He he. Actually beans might be just the ticket to counteract the pesky headwind that always follows me around.

Noaky12Graduate in reply to Dunder2004


You're so right - the run itself is sometimes horrible, but the feeling afterwards sooooo makes up for it. Masochists, runners!


It's true! It might be a struggle at some point in the run but I always think it'll be worth it cos the finish will be bliss, and it always is.

I am running later. At race pace! Erk It's raining too.

It's the thought of the warm shower afterwards that keeps me going.


I love running in the rain.


I love running in the rain too. It's a license to splash through puddles like a child again. Lol 😆😆😆


I don't mind running in the rain - but nothing will ever beat the smugness of running as it's starting to snow! :D I'm not looking forward to tonight - looks like it's going to be a blowy one - I'd much rather pouring rain like Monday!

I just read this knowing my run tonight is going to be in the wind and rain. I will keep it in mind as motivation :) thanks

goonkeepgoingGraduate in reply to goonkeepgoing

I was very lucky. The rain stopped about 10 minutes before I went out. I felt even better when 5 minutes after I got in it started throwing it down :)


Well done! I had a few light sprinkles of rain, but mostly sun and wind this evening. I hate running in the wind!

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