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W4 R3

Hi all, Hope you all fit and running...

Well this morning I was contemplating doing W4 a bit longer but I will tell you about my morning and seek your advice. Car was in Garage 5.8 miles away. I decided why waste a good chance to get out with the dog (by cycling). We did W4 R3. Listened to 3 songs (one of which I ran to overtake dog walkers) then did Week 3. Then ran the next song walked one and was at the garage. 1hr 20 mins. It was very hard and my pace was slow on the W3 runs but I just kept going. The question remains whether to go on to W5 or to do W4 once more. (the first 5 min run kills me and I ache through the rest of the session).

Advice greatly appreciated


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I would do week 5, run 1. You say you have done week4 three times so I would move on. It keeps you motivated

Happy running


Thanks. Will try it Sunday X


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