Memoirs of a panther

hello everyone... Its NEARLY a year since I first stepped out on W1 run 1 and I have been reflecting on my amazing journey...with Laura, Silky Steve, the amazing people here that have carried me and supported me on this journey, and me and my running...

SO.....I wanted to share a few things I have learnt... a big part of my role in my job is investigating where things went wrong and how we can learn from that ( route cause analysis stuff)...anyway I am sounding 'worky' now and my life here on this blog is so far away from all that!!! So in short I am sharing with you my juicy learning, that might resonate with you, and you probably know anyway.. ...but its all the things that got me here ( wherever 'here' is):

In no particular order!!!

1. Procrastination is tiring...park it and just do what feels or not run today. simples.Think about things in a simple way ( I apply this to all areas of my life and it works)

2. Think of a run as a journey and take in everything around you, look around, smell, touch ( I love to brush my hands over wet rosemary or other herby plants in peoples' gardens and wipe them over my face and neck)

3. When it gets in. Focus on something 2 metres ahead, reach it, then aim for the next, and the next, and the next..and you will go faster as you aren't focussing on your legs and you will be in a trance which is strangely comforting!!!

4. At the start of a really long run its so easy just to think of all the miles ahead stretching out...which leaves you in a heap before you've started! So I just see it as getting to the next bit ( a step on from point 3)...for example on my HM route I have my key points: downhill (yay), suspension bridge ( view...ahhhhh), big downhill (yay), flat bit (easy), join cycle path ( progress), gets hard here so point 3, no more houses ( nature), train track ( might see a train!!!!), hard again ( point 3), Spar ( treats), hard again, Brockley farm shop ( nearly home), Cleeve nursery ( ditto), church ( wave to the vicar!!!), Bombay spice...oh my life...Ive only f****** done it!!!!!! Get it???

5. Clothing...comfort is best, but you know being a woman of sorts, I like to feel sexy on a run which pushes me its a comfy thong, capri's, buff, vest or long top if chilly, lipstick and mascara ( yes I know I'm shallow...but if it helps me run who cares!!!). A buff is great as if my asthma is bad I can go ninja and it warms my lungs.

6. Fuel...I hardly drink on a run, and I have been experimenting with sweets...I'm not a big fan of sugar and bad stuff, and I find the energy stuff foul. I have posted the question on my Linkedin site, and people are saying things like 'peanut butter sarnies' ???? some runs I can't take water ( panther hunt) as I need my hands!!! I needs some help with this as I haven't sussed it yet...

7. Shoes....I first bought a cheap pair from sports direct as I didn't know I was going to stick at this!!! I then ended up in major probs one month after graduating I managed the 10k mark and I couldn't walk...trip to the special shop, gait analysis, new shoes then within 2 weeks I was fine. However lesson learnt, I pushed myself too hard too quickly.

8. Music...I love dancing and being a bit silly ( very silly ;) ). Its so important to me on a run as I can lose myself in the beat. Current fave:

I am loving London Grammar. At times I just stretch my arms up and yell....because I am free...I'm running...I am me...

Sorry I went on a bit!!!

Panther ju



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28 Replies

  • Panther girl you are brilliant, loved your 'list' yet another successful one, full of knowledge and inspiration. Thanks and happy injury free running. :)

  • Thankyou so much are an inspiration to all of us...

  • Thanks for that Juicy! I like running outdoors either on the road or trail, and there's always something new to see. It's great to be out. I don't run very fast or very far but I still really enjoy it

  • the main thing is to enjoy it, and i have always held on tightly to that because I hated sports all my life as all I could see was people doing stuff because they felt they had to for a reason, rather than being passionate about it...

  • Thank-you for posting this, I've been wondering how long you've been running and just got my answer. I started in C25K in August and am now enjoying slightly longer runs (I've done a couple of 5milers) but aspire to run further. It's so good to hear from someone who loves their running as much as you do. Just a quick question, WHO is Silky Steve?

  • are doing brilliantly..and loving it I hope? Silky Steve is my lover....... well

    actually he is the voice over bloke from Audiofuel, I just called him that as he needed a name!!!

  • I do indeed love it, hmm maybe I need to get some Silky Steve in my life, I saw someone else mention him on the facebook group earlier. I imagine he could be very demanding ;-)

  • It's 2 years for me since starting C25K. Not the same kind of distance achievements as you juicyju but very much the same 'spiritually'

  • thats what its all about ...its that passion...

  • Love this post - its amazing what you have achieved in (nearly) a year. You are an inspiration.

  • Thankyou so much Jellymum

  • Fab post,amazing to see how far you've come, inspirational as ever. Some great tips there too.....some I realise I already employ,like points 3 and 4.... oh yes , 5 too ( minus thong,but I'm with you on a bit of lippy ! ) .

    I just read Alexandra Heminsley's 'Running Like a Girl ' and loved her tip of visualising someone giving you a push from behind ... hmm nice young man ...tried that one yesterday and it worked for me ;)

    Am loving the link...that's going straight onto my playlist !

  • Love it...I need to remember that top tip...I often imagine someone holding my hand and pulling me along together..

  • Awesome! Your story gives me hope of finding the 'Panther' in me instead of the short fat furry animal as in my picture :)

  • Thats a very nice furry animal though, although a panther might eat it!!!...the animal in you is right there, you find it when you have reached your last bit of energy and feel like you can't go will help you...

  • well done juicy for giving us a morale boost in these winter months. As always inspiring:-)

  • Thankyou Marathon Queen....

  • Fantastic post as always. It's so good to read how far you can come In One short year and so good to acknowledge all those achievements. Great progress the panther in you has done well.

  • Thankyou....

  • Ahh.. now I see where I've gone wrong - no lippy! That will be addressed on my next run and I will be expecting great results :)

    Wonderful, funny and inspirational post as always.

  • lippy is a must...!!!

  • Brilliant post. I'm in total agreement about comfy clothing. What I would REALLY like is a can of Lycra aerosol spray that you could just spray on yourself before going out. Think about aerodynamism!

    Actually.....scrub that. I just thought that through and it doesn't really work........

  • I'll give it a try tomorrow, but I'll have to make do with another spray as no Lycra...could be interesting...!!!

  • Great post, as ever, our Panther Girl!! Not sure about running in a thong though! Hadn't heard London Grammar before but very much like that track.

  • glad you like it lovely are fabulous

  • right on girl love them babies very good post try sis jels i only take one of them on long run s over 10 miles keep up the good work

  • That sounds sensible...never tried gels, but lovin the sweets ;)

  • I make lovely energy bars. Not needed them for running yet as I'm not doing the distances but when I do ...... Yum!

    I read that book by Hemmo and I do that visualisation thing where someone is pushing you in the middle of the back. In real life though it's usually a sniffing Labrador that can propel you for yards with its nose. Bad dawg! I tell you what does make me go faster! It's the blumming geese! Those mothers are ferocious. Always after my bread shoes. Tut

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