'Go Panther Go'

'Go Panther Go'

JuicyJu's Eden Project Half Marathon listy:

1.I was really nervous and woke up really early in the morning...my sister and I got there really early, and it was a bit bizarre as we had to then get a bus to the start line...the bus was packed with other runners decked out in all manner of outfits...the best were the hardcore runners ( ladies) with the knickers, knew high socks and hard core combat mesh vest loaded up with squirty gel things...

2. I had to use the portaloo before we started and couldn't help staring at the male portaloos which were very open urinals ( ahem!)...I could see everything!!!!

3. ...Eventually we set off and the annoying thing was that we were all in a clump ( not staggered according to ability) so all these fast types kept elbowing past me. I got really fed up and kept flinging my arms out just to keep them at bay....

4. Up to 5 miles it was all in the woods on a small very muddy and puddly uneven track...you couldn't take over ( people did but there wasn't really enough room), and what really got on my t*** was this woman in front of me that kept stopping at the big puddles in order to plan her ( splash free) route. That made me make a point of thrashing my feet through the puddles as I ran...it was a run after all and it was a given we would be covered in mud and soaked by the end..who cares!!!

5. Next was THE HILLS ( or should I say Cornish Mountains)...oh my goodness...there was at least 7 in total and they were ENORMOUS...BIG UPS and BIG DOWNS...all killers on my poor joints....At that point I was so glad of my hill training at Parkrun...2.5k all uphill ....130 metres.

6. Flash....lightning...then bang bang...thunder...then taps on...rain...It was actually really exhillarating, I felt so good, I was running with the big boys, Juicyju actually felt like she was one of them....the runners...thats me now.

7. Hard going at 18k....'You are strong, you are a panther' over and over in my little brain...I did some dancing and ignored the pain in my right hip ( all the hills). Oh and I made a friend...a lovely lady from Falmouth who did triathalons, she had a Garmin and was keeping to 10 minute miles, so I stuck with her ( she had rather nice pigtails too).

8. Drinks and snacky snacks...4 drinking stations...mostly water, but one with isotonic drinks and FUDGE!!! I even got a jelly baby from one of the wardens. I also had 3 Werthers originals stuffed in my pocket just in case, but didn't as Pete pointed out I would probably choke on it.

9. Last k...spiralling down towards the domes....Silky Steve had run out ( he can only go for 2 hours poor love) so I had my 5k playlist on and ended up listening to 'Harlem Shake' as I made it through the finish line...I spotted hubby with my two beauties as well as my two boistrous nephews...they all cheered, and the bloke on the tannoy said my name...that was fab.

10. I got my medal ( I didn't take it off till bed time), t shirt and pint n pasty tokens...I wouldn't recommend it. My sister arrived after me, scoffed her pasty and then went white and we had to go to first aid...her temp was 34 degrees ( it didn't help that we went straight into the ice rink after which was freezing)....they were amazing and got her temp up which helped the sickness...

11. Scores on the doors: 2 hours and 23 minutes..I am really pleased due to all the challenges, and I am about to sign up for the Bath Half...then Paris in 2015 for the Marathon....

Thankyou all so much for all your support for me and Hazel with all your runs...it meant so very much...I hope we have broken records.......



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62 Replies

  • Come on..... Cornish Mountains are nothing after Devon Hills! Well done, Panther Lady, you did it!! Congratulations, Julia.

  • Thanks so much Truffe... I'm telling you ... The Cornish 'Mountains' are as bad as our Devonian ones....Laura told me I was a runner but I never believed it until now....thankyou....!!!

  • FANTASTIC POST juicyju! What a day you had! Hope sister is soon better, poor thing. You collected some great tags too! Must admit I liked the sound of the thunder storm. Never run in proper rain, only heavy mist - sounds exciting.

    Hope you broke records!

  • Thankyou Beek.... It was rather exciting,the noise, the rain and the bizarreness if all of us running....

  • Oh, what a brilliant result. Many many congratulations.

  • Thankyou so much Landesman... You have always been such a wonderful supporter of me....

  • Credit where it's due. To go from zero to a HM in, what, seven months is truly admirable - and those of us who struggle alongside know just how hard it is.

    I went out on Sunday to do a supportive 10k and I was dying to quit before the end, but kept reminding myself that it was not even half way to a HM!

    Really impressed by what you have achieved. Keep it up!

  • Thankyou so much...and well done on the 10k...no run is ever easy, I have realised that now!!! Onwards and upwards, my first marathon is going to be Paris.....

  • Yeah, but the strange thing is that it ended up as a PB despite the constant feeling that I was about to wimp out at any moment.

    Paris should be fantastic for a marathon - and it's pretty flat too! Best of luck with your training.

  • Excellent well done :)

  • Thankyou!!!

  • Wow! Great post and really inspirational to us under graduates! :)

  • Thankyou... That means so much....

  • Sounds amazing! All for the puddle and thunderstorm running! Well done :)

  • It truly was... I want to do it again tomorrow... Thankyou....

  • Excellent! Well done :) x

  • Thankyou ;)

  • Amazing! You are such an inspiration as always!

  • Thankyou!!!!

  • Brilliant. In such cr@p weather I think you've turned in a fandabbydozy (and inspirational) performance. When is the Bath HM? I'm thinking hard about the Sheffield HM in April!!

  • Old Ned... You really must do that,or the Leeds HM... You will be amazing... Bath is in March...I can't wait....

  • Loved reading your blog, well done Julia ;) Bet you won't forget your first half marathon in a hurry!

  • no I won't!!! Thankyou...

  • Woohoo! Amazing run. You have set the bar nice and high for the rest of us.

  • You are SO going to nail it in under 2 hours, and I will be cheering for you on my run :)

  • Thanks JJ!

  • You did brilliantly to complete the HM in that time in the bad weather. Great that you enjoyed it too.

  • Thankyou...you know....I loved it, I'm craving for more!!!!

  • Congratulations. Brilliant achievement - well earned few days rest now. Linda

  • Thankyou!!!

  • Well, JJ, that was a fantastic story and a fantastic run. I could feel myself bounding along the route with you. Hills, mud, buppies getting in the way ... but an amazing experience. And wasn't it a great feeling when you hit the finishing line?

    Very well done. I said before that the word 'inspirational' is over-used in the forums, but I just can't believe how you've come on over quite a short period.

    Next challenge? Try a trail run. If you don't mind getting down & dirty, you'll love it!

  • Thankyou so much...that means so much to me coming from you.......I would love a trail run, I had a sense of that in the Summer in Cornwall....it was like proper panthering, I love getting down and dirty, makes you feel alive!!!

  • Great stuff Juicy, you must be so proud and oh so well written! You are a star! (((Delia)))

  • Thankyou....lovely words....

  • Great blog juicy so glad it went well and great time hope your sisters ok now poor dear and good luck for bath hm hopefully flatter x

  • Thankyou...she is much better ( and warmer), thankyou for asking...and I have read that the Bath half is flat...so a chance to beat my time, but worried it may be too tame!!!

  • Well done juicy!

  • Thankyou!!

  • Well done. I always said I wasn't going to down the long distance route when I started this, but I guess we all did.. 10k next April seemed like such a challenge when I signed up to it but now I just want it out of the way so I can start pushing towards bigger and better things!!!

    You, amongst many others from this site, are inspirational towards that goal. keep it up!!

  • Thankyou...and you will SO nail that 10k, and you have plenty of time to get your PB down...I will be out there running in support...let us all know when exactly it is so we can be out there with you.....

  • Very impressive and what a wonderfull story .... especially the bit about the post run pasty :-)

  • Thanks Pastyman...as pasty's go, it was pretty good, I even ate the crust which I normally chuck at the birds!!!

  • Congrats, juicyju, you were fab!

  • Thankyou!!

  • What a fantastic achievement - you are an inspiration! :)

  • Thankyou so much....

  • An amazing acheivement and time, well done you, you should be very proud xx

  • Thankyou.....the best was seeing the look on my sons face..he was proud of his mummy...it meant everything...

  • aaah JJ there you are. Wondered where you had been and did think of you this weekend. I did look at Eden HM and decided not for me - i don't cope well with hills.

    So fantastically well done you - a wonderful achievement - onwards and upwards :-)

  • Thankyou...next year then, we can do it together????

  • What a great blog JuicyJu! We all knew your inner panther wouldn't let you down and the description you gave of the course and conditions is excellent. I really can't wait to do my HM next year so that I can prove to myself that I can do it.

    P.S. - I'm becoming convinced I've got an inner tiger because I like water so much; 1) puddles/streams are great fun for running through, 2) rain cools you off (so what's not to like), and 3) swimming is great......

  • you so have.....get panthering Tiger!!!! You will love the HM and you have plenty of time to prepare.....

  • Really loved the blog - what a star you are. Hope Leon enjoyed his birthday too. Bet he's so proud of his panther-mum. :)

  • thankyou...he is SOOOOOO proud, and he had the best birthday ( surf lessson, meal out with family, cinema trip with mates and a new bike!!!!).....He was so upset he couldn't run with me....only a few years till hes 17....he can't wait.

  • That sounds like a pretty amazing birthday! I wondered whether he'd have been wanting to do the run too. :)

  • And the panther just keeps on going - fab blog, well done and keep on running.

  • Thankyou....from one cat to another!!!

  • Sorry for the late reply been manically busy. Had to go searching to see how you did. Well done what a fantastic achievement. You have been and are such an inspiration. Keep panthering

  • Thankyou, you are always so lovely xxx

  • JuJu have just come across this monumental story of amazingness and brilliance. I just wanted to say WELL DONE to you. I am soooooooo impressed with your stamina, fortitude and werthers originals. How on Earth you do these spondiferous distances is beyond this pathetic excuse for a runner, but I take my hat off to you. And my shirt. And socks. And skinny jeans....but thats the LOT!

    WELL DONE once again!


  • I would have loved to see that on the finishing line... !!!

  • I would have loved to see that on the finishing line... !!!

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