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Goodbye week 6, it was good to know you!

Finally got week 6 behind me after 3 attempts to complete the 3rd run, but this morning I did it. I am still running inside on my treadmill, but am hoping to get out soon. However while out walking yesterday, I nearly slipped over twice on wet leaves and mossy pavements, so, having had knee problems in the past am a bit worried that a slight 'slip up' when running will damage my knee again. However, I have 4 more episodes of Hero to watch, that I downloaded and watch on my Kindle when running, so may well do the next 4 inside. I find it helps me stop looking at the seconds clocking past, which can seem so slow at times. However, finished the cool down walk to Dire Straits, 'Walk of Life' which did seem rather apt until I hit the 3.1 mile point, which took 45 minutes. Slow, but I am happy with that, gives me a lot to work with and improve on and is still quicker than some of the results posted at my nearest Park Run (which I will get to one day!)

SO Goodbye week 6 and Hello week 7.....Getting closer to the end........

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Well done - nearly there - and sounds like a sensible move using the treadmill.

Speed will come in time - maybe just concentrate on graduating for now.

Good luck with week 7 :)


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