Advice needed for coping with temperature rising!

Ok so just done my Fifth/sixth 5k (losing count!) which is great because when after 5/10 mins and i feel like giving up i can remind myself i've done it before, i can do it again. Still v slow but under 43 mins now. Need to get into the habit of running more than once a week which is all i'm managing right now.

My biggest worry is that that i'm boiling hot in Feb weather in the thinest Aldi lycra while all the dog walkers are still wrapped up in heavy coats and gloves! There's nothing to take off!

Really worried about coping with the temperature rising and if i need more breathable clothes than aldi lycra, also what do you do for sun glasses? Advice needed! Natalie x


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  • I love running in shorts and vest in warm weather. That is short, loose shorts (not tight Lycra), which are great for keeping legs cool. A singlet/vest top is cooler than t-shirts, but you may find even that is too hot on summer days. I've been known to strip down to my sports bra and tuck my vest in the waist band of my shorts. I'm happier doing this when wearing my black bra. I plan to buy another sports bra in a bright colour as I feel they look more like a crop top and less like a bra, than white bras. I should say I run on minor single-track roads and private estate roads with little traffic or dog walkers.

  • Hi, i did think about just wearing my sports bra, it's a black shock absorber and does look like a crop top, i don't care one bit about what people think about how i look fortunately so i might just try that! I have ordered some running shorts but they are lycra too, might give them a try but also go for something looser, thanks for replying.

  • If you are boiling hot in a British February - I would have to guess that you are stressing yourself too much. Try running even slower than you are (and forget what time you are running) . I did a Park run yesterday - and it was 25C at 7AM (AND 80% humidity) -- not nice at all -- I am looking for cooler weather myself.

  • I think it's probably the surplus 3 stone i am carrying around that is making me so hot! You're clearly not in the UK! It was a sunny day here though, today is cloudy and cooler.

  • I have the opposite problem (can't run in the cold). I suggest you try looser clothing, Decathlon have some quick dry tops that I find are quite good. Also, get a cap and run on the shade where possible. Lastly, try to get running during the coolest part of the day, such as early morning or evening.

  • Thanks i'll check them out. Need to do a trip to the sports shop!

  • I much prefer to run when it is cooler. I get all sweaty and uncomfortable, even today in all the wind I got hot! I did a half marathon last September and if you remember we had a very nice, warm summer which was lovely, but not for training for a hm. I got up really early (half 5) and ran then. Not ideal at this time of the year because it is still dark then, but you could try early morning/late evening runs, when it is cooler. I ran in a vest top and shorts and I too couldn't have cared less about how I looked. We are out there doing it! Good luck.

    Chris x

  • Beaming with pride! Love the 'I've done it before, I can do it again' mantra - I need to use that one next time!

    As for clothing, I'm hopeless with this one. I spent last summer in a really heavy hoody and thick jogging bottoms as I was scared of people seeing me - how I didn't melt away my excess 4.5 stone I have no idea!!

    I'd perhaps try some different clothing out - see what you can get in the sales and see if another brand/fabric type elevates some of the problem? I now have a lovely light running jacket - I thought for summer I'd wear my sports bra underneath and just zip it up over the top as its idea!?

    Sorry I'm a bit useless!! :)

  • Nah, you're never useless, always encouraging! I reckon we should all get our sports bras out for the summer!

  • Not sure I'd be brave enough to go with just the sports bra, but I will certainly need to lose some layers! If you get any ideas, send them our way! :)

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