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First post grad run...not good

Graduated Sunday and been working 10 hour days since, but managed to sneak home and grab some time to do a 30 min jog before heading back to work.

Was feeling a big shattered but phone went at 28mins and son had locked himself out of the house (I did this on Sunday). Luckily I was almost at my door so could let him in but it did mean I didn't manged my 30 mins: can't run and talk as I am not that coordinated.

But I did 2.05 miles in 28 mins and could have managed the extra 2 mins. Didn't locate my most key though ;0(

Hope to find time to jog on Friday after work otherwise it'll only be 2 runs this week. Work and weather are not helping.

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You can still run if it's raining and cold. You soon warm up once you get out there doing the brisk walk. Not all runs are good ones. Everyone has shockers but stick with it. Let us know how you get on with your next one. It might turn out to be the best yet.


Kids will always thwart any plans. My daughter went AWOL today, so I didn't get my run, but I did find her Thank you God. At least you managed 28 minutes, it all helps build up the stamina


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