With so much chat on here and Facebook regarding running fuel I decided to have a tuck shop....

I have had a week of no running as I have been ill, so I had to do something towards my training so I have been lusting after sweets and nice lovely things....

I just wanted to guage everyones choice of running fuel. I have a selection here and it would be good to know what you fancy...My daughter did the labels....

My current panther faves are jelly Belly ( not pictured here!) as they stay hard and fit snugly down my zip.

So I am going to be testing out this lot over the next week and let you know the best ( If I can stop everyone eating them!)

Happy panthering




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19 Replies

  • oh I like mint sweets, but would never eat anything on a run, worried I might choke!

  • I know what you mean, it's only on longer slower runs that I do in order to keep going!!!

  • I love the idea of eating sweets on a run but worry they may make me really thirsty??

  • On a long run I always have my water bottle or sports drink too...

  • Running - liquorice comfits and milk bottles

    In front of tv - any of them.

    Ashamed to say I don't know Jelly Bellys but I want to try them.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Stuff that won't mess up your pockets is a good idea. Jelly beans sound just the job

  • I think if I had to pick one of those it would probably be chewy fruits. I must say I do have a weak spot for sour sweets though. I like the Natural sour worms. They could make me look even more of a loon as I sqidge my face up on the first bite. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I got a new swish running bottle for xmas with a zipped picket thing ( looks better than it sounds ) for keys and sweets heehee and hubby popped mini bag of jelly babies in day I ate them I ran six and half km longest ive run !!! Def taking them on next long run :-) your sweets looked yummy though x

  • Hello Tuck shop panther lady. I'd probably skip the pure sweets and go for the fruity option as I carry some with me on my longer run at the moment. Love to see sherbert dabs on the list though. Lots of respect to anyone who can eat one whilst running. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Yummmm! Love the liquorice comfits but since husband broke a tooth on them I've been a little wary of them! Also absolutely love dates especially those beautiful really soft, unctuous medjool dates (unfortunately expensive).I do like a really good butterscotch and am very partial to sherbert lemons and cough candy twists. Oh, and aniseed balls! Maybe one day I'll be able to run far enough to warrant worryong about needing to take top-up energy essential sweeties with me!!!!

    Hope that you feel much better soon. Don't get out there 'till you're better!

  • What a delightful post, thank you to you and your daughter for making us all smile and drool with your scrumptious tuck shop. I have never before used run fuelling, looking back when I was running longer distances I maybe should have, am reading about others preferences with interest ready for when I increase my own distances. Thanks! :-) PS I love that one of the tags is 'belly' - too good!

  • Thanks Notbad, it does seem to make a difference having something....

  • The only time I've taken something with me it was a chewy cereal bar. I think the dates would get a bit hairy in a pocket, otherwise I'd probably go for them. Thinking about it, you can get those blocks of dates, probably about a thousand calories a block, but a slice may do......

    Mmmmmm, only just had lunch and you're now making me hungry again!

  • That made me laugh!!!... Hairy dates... Yeuch!!!

  • I'm partial to chomping on a few dates as I find the sweetness gives me a mini energy boost which works in conjunction with my "Green Sludge Power Juice" I swallow before a morning run. I'd rather not stuff anything down anywhere in case something melted and rendered me unable to peel off my lycra compression shorts when I got home!

  • Sounds like there wouldn't be much room available in your zip for anything sugary with all that compression going on!!!! I just can't do dates, it's the fibres....

  • I used to eat a banana 30 minutes before my run, but now on longer distances I like an organic Medjool date or two half way through the run and few times I tried jelly beans. However, your tuck shop reminded me of the liquorice comfits which I like so much - drooling now :D

  • I need to really give the dates a try.. Thanks for that!!!

  • does eating on route when running really help then????

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