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Has the programme made you feel too full to eat?


I would like to run this past you. I have struggled with my weight for the whole of my adult life. People have told me 'It's easy to lose weight - you just stop eating when you feel full. I can truthfully say I have never felt full in my life. A pertinent point is that I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic 7 years ago.

Today I was a bit late up for my S&F1 and had 2 spoons of rolled oats and a yoghurt before going out. Had 2 poached eggs on 2 small slices of toast at 3.00. Set off to walk a mile to meet my friends for a curry at 7.00. Felt SOOO FULL that I could not face a meal out. Diverted through Waitrose, bought a fruit salad for supper but feel so pogged I haven't eaten any yet.

This is a totally new sensation for me. Is it a spin off due to the exercise? I hope so as I will be well chuffed! Has anyone else experienced this?

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Nope, tired, and hurt but never full.

I find if I don't eat very much one day I not have the energy to run the following day.

nope sorry, I do want to eat more healthy - due to the exercise I have done and the feel-good factor - but I think if anything I am more hungry

I never feel like eating straight after a run (thirsty yes, and a piece of fruit, maybe) but it takes about an hour and a half later before I feel hungry again.

Two eggs on two pieces of toast are very good for you. It's a complete meal, with all the nutrition that you need...and that's probably why you felt full later on.

I've noticed recently that sometimes I eat a meal and get full much faster. I've been trying to figure out if it's the running or just generally eating healthier that has shrunk my appetite...not sure! I think I've read that as you eat smaller portions, your stomach gets used it and it takes eating larger meals for a few weeks to train your stomach to be larger.

Anyway, since I've started this whole C25k thing, I try to eat smaller lunches and do a large snack before my evening run and that keeps me full throughout the day with fewer cravings for junk food...although I still dream about cheese always!


I experience appetite suppression after jogging, too. *YAY!*

I looked it up not too long ago and found some interesting information on hormonal changes caused by jogging:

"Research by David J. Stensel of Loughborough University and others has shown that vigorous aerobic exercise such as jogging can suppress appetite owing to jogging's effect on the release of two key hormones -- ghrelin and peptide YY. Ghrelin stimulates appetite, while peptide YY reduces it. In the minutes and hours following a 60-minute bout of aerobic treadmill exercise, ghrelin levels dropped while peptide YY levels rose. These effects, unlike those in pathological states of appetite reduction after jogging, last only a matter of hours and do not represent a cause for concern."



Thanks for the info, I'll take a look. Just got back from W2R1, had an avocado and some butter beans. Pleased as punch to not fancy food. Big bonus!

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