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Has the programme made you feel too full to eat?

I would like to run this past you. I have struggled with my weight for the whole of my life. People have told me 'It's easy to lose weight - you just stop eating when you feel full. I can truthfully say I have never felt full in my life.

Today I was a bit late up for my S&F1 and had 2 spoons of rolled oats and a yoghurt before going out. Had 2 poached eggs on 2 small slices of toast at 3.00. Set off to walk a mile to meet my friends for a curry at 7.00. Felt SOOO FULL that I could not face a meal out. Diverted through Waitrose, bought a fruit salad for supper but feel so pogged I haven't eaten any yet.

This is a totally new sensation for me. Is it a spin off due to the exercise? I hope so as I will be well chuffed! Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes. My appetite has gone down and I can't physically eat as much as I could before c25k. Exercise helps boost insulin production I understand and so regulates sugar much better and therefore cravings for it. It's a win-win.


Hi Tati, that would make sense. i am diabetic and the main advice has been to exercise more. Having retired from a desk bound stressy job it is only now that I can do this. Never EVER felt full before. (Even after a large meal like Christmas dinner I could have eaten it all again!)

I will be chuffed to bits if this full feeling continues. I am adjusting my diet to Low GL too. Cheese is my downfall. And ice cream - so I only buy those when we have visitors and can't go seeking them out later on. (Ice cream and cheese - strange combo!)


Yes. Previous comment very interesting - did not know that. For me I just feel healthier when I have been out and therefore don't feel the desire to reach for loads of food and certainly not 'bad' stuff as it somehow undoes the hard work. This is not to say I don't enjoy my food - I do - but it's more balanced now. Food is as much in the mind as in the stomach! Keep going with the plan. I am having to have a few more rest days as knee playing up and whilst I have only missed one day so far I miss it! Strange as I don't really enjoy the actual run but love the sense of achievement afterwards.


Hi Bobnewbie. I can identify with your last comment entirely! I should be doing W2R1 this morning and not eager to get myself out. I will though because I know I will feel better about myself for having done something. I have always eaten a good balanced diet - just too much for the amount I burn off!


Certainly I feel less like eating after a run. I suspect that it has had an effect elsewhere in my dietary tract too as my loo pattern has changed since starting c25k.




Hi Cavebear. Not feeling hungry is not something I was expecting but I am chuffed to bits about it! I hope it continues. Thanks for the post and Good Luck to you.


When I come in from a run all I want to do it drink....water! I certainly don't feel like eating at all for a good hour afterwards - a happy side effect!


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