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Couch to 5K
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I'm really having to push myself to go out this week. It's cold and miserable. I would prefer to stay in the warm house but I have dragged myself out. So did w3r1 today. The first 3 min run I thought my head was going to fall off, but I did it. The second one was okay. By the end I felt pretty great actually Also today I noticed my legs were a bit more keen than usual...not sure how to put it really, usually my legs sort of resist when I start running but today they seemed more receptive to the idea lol. Anyway. Another run down :) Really can't wait until the day I can run for half an hour in one go.

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Becoming an addict! Happy running.


Run by run, week by week, you are educating your body into working in ways that it may never have done so before. You are already feeling the difference and in just a few weeks you will be able to run for thirty minutes non stop. Don't push too hard and trust the programme. It works and will change your life.

Good luck. keep running, keep smiling.


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