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Just One more run to Graduation :-)

I've been preparing for life after for some time now - I do like to be organised ! So I have the C25K+ podcasts all ready and have downloaded one of the free GPS run mapping apps ( am I allowed to mention names?) It's great.

When I started C25K I went round our local woods after dark with a headtorch! I live in a small community I didn't want anyone to know until I felt more confident ( though people did wonder what I was up to, as I didn't have my dogs with me!). So though it was relatively safe & discrete my first minute was up a hill! Once I felt more confident I went on a much flatter road run & have since found an even better footpath. On these, my newly discovered GPS app showed that during week 8 I was getting to or pretty close to 5K Yay ! But I've kept doing the wood run once a week, as I do believe that the hillwork got me fitter faster, even tho' I was aware I was only running about 4K. So yesterday I decided to run 5K no matter how long it took ..... and that was just over 37mins with a toilet break ( my first since week3).

My new footpath is 7.5K long and is exactly 3K from my house ( just one very big hill from 2.5 - 3K!!!), so I've plenty of challenges to keep me going for a while, but I'll keep going back to the woods to try and get that 5K to 30mins or less

What have you got planned ?......

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Gosh you've done extremely well. That's a great time. Well done. Look forward to seeing your well earned badge!

I have a few goals. Extend my distance, a sub 30 and a park run. Oh and in the middle of this a house move!

Enjoy the feeling on that last run. It's memorable.


Thank you Irish Princess :-)

I guess I should say that I did run competitively as a teenager - just to county level mind - 800m was my main distance. I cycled all the time until I left London about 20 years ago and until 7 years ago I used to walk huge distances. I'm a market gardener so I am quite strong, but I felt I was losing my stamina fitness and putting on weight ... so I think I had some advantages ... but this programme has been a real godsend & it's been a delight to do something in middle age that I haven't done for so long.

Good Luck with the house move :-)


Good luck with that last run and big congratulations for doing it. I will be keeping my eye out for your graduation post.


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