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Err......I'm back in the game. Should I start at week 3?

Got as far as week 6 last year but then things went a bit (lot) wrong and I haven't run at all since October. I have continued playing racquetball and walk the dog for at least an hour every day so am not totally inactive but I now want to get running again. I've been and bought some legging thingys to keep the chill off and I am thinking about starting at week 3 rather than week 1. Does that sound about right and has anyone else done similar?

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I think that sounds perfect... See how you go as you can always flip back or forward.. Good luck!!!


Well. I wondered where you got to. Nice to see you - to see you nice. Where to start? You'll soon find out what suits you. Try not to over think it. I'm now going to quote you - "Bring it on". Good luck with your restart. Great to have you back


Thanks Waletta.....wish I had been able to keep going like you obviously have. Did week 3 run today so see how I go on this time. Fingers crossed!


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