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The 'End' in sight?

Have just completed run 1 week 9, really impressed with how much i have achieved.

However, I have not got close to 5K in 30 mins :( Should I consider I have made the grade if I can do 30min runs or should I be aiming for the 5k? (usually run at around 7.2 / 7.4 Kph. Have tried 8Kph but this was not good, had to revert to walking several times. So plodding on at slow speed, anyone got any ideas to help me? would really appreciate it. (ps I find that I recover reasonably quickly)

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Hey there! Give yourself a pat on the back for coming this far! I think you should be aiming for lasting progress and give your best. I am not a graduate myself but your speed looks great.

All the best!


The end? The end? This is just the beginning! if, no, when you complete W9R3 you will be justifiably able to wear that graduate badge. That's means you can run for 30minutes which is something that most people will never do.

My view is that at that point you should consolidate what you have done by working your way up to 5k, regardless of how long it takes. Make it your distance and make it a distance you know you can do. The time is, frankly, irrelevant. Once you get to that point you can decide to go faster or further, or..... both. The choice is yours.

How do you do it? There are many ways and it depends upon what's best for you. Whatever you do, you already know that we are all with you.

Come on resrtas, you can do this!

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Congratulations on your achievement so far! You should definitely consider yourself a success for getting to 30 mins! I was exactly the same, I got to 3.7km when I graduated. May I ask, are you running outside or on a treadmill? I do both & get a lot further when running outside even though I feel like I'm running slower. Either way, 30 mins is a massive achievement, well done!


Well done on running for 30 minutes - what a great achievement. Nearly there :)

I wasn't even close to 4k (let alone 5k) on graduation but now I am running at least 5k, 3 times a week. Don't worry about it now. You'll get there your own way in your own time. Good luck


Hi! You'll graduate fair and square by running 30 mins 3 times this week - that's the plan! Couch to 5K (or 30 mins continuous running) in 9 weeks! I'll be doing W9 R1 myself tomorrow night and will certainly be a way off 5K but it doesn't matter - the distance and the stamina are there to be conquered - how quickly we do it will be different for each of us. Good luck, be proud of what you've achieved and we'll all be looking out for your graduation post :-) !!!


30 minutes running is graduation time so well done. You can work on getting to 5k after which is what I did. My first 5k took 42 minutes and I eventually got it down to 34 mins about 8 weeks after graduation so don't beat yourself up just enjoy the fact you have got this far and then set the next goal. Well done really brilliant to see all these new graduates.


I'm about to start week 9 and am away off 5k!!! My plan is to start to work towards 5k after a few weeks of enjoying 30 minute runs regularly and building pace slowly. I am slow but consistent and don't care!! :)


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