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Mixed week but with a promising end

So my recovery from illness continued this week with some off mark runs (26, 20 and 28 minutes last Sat then Mon and Thurs).

But tonight's run went perfectly and I completed the 30 minutes with ease. I also ran 3.5km (according to which I think is my best distance in those 30 mins. It certainly felt like a good pace whilst running!

I switched from music to audiobooks on Thursday, which seems to be agreeing with me. I'm sure most people adjust their pace to match the music they hear and I don't know what beat I need to run to, so my mish mashed playlist was making my pace go up and down! But with the spoken word I'm not letting it dictate my pace and I'm able to settle more comfortably. Plus, focusing on the plot stops me from overthinking my actual running!

Hopefully, with my recovery apparently complete, I can continue improving my runs...and maybe get to the stage where I'll increase the time until I hit that 5k.

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Well done. It's so great when it just feels right. I keep on intending to try listening to the spoken word while running - I shall follow your example and give it a try


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