Weight loss help?

Weight loss help?

Hi - I am looking forward to getting fit and getting out there but a primary goal is to lose weight - I never used to be like this and Im totally fed up with it and need to get my a into g and get those endorphins going?

Just wondered if anyones lost weight with this Cto5K programme? Im going to do it whatever cos its fab and Im playing the podcast as im writing this!! I know thats not the idea but Im going out of the front door in a second!!

So have any of you lost weight with this?


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  • Most folk do... Eventually. Don't be disheartened if you don't straight away though. I've written a little about it before:



  • I have lost just over 2 stone since the beginning of Feb. i've been doing c25k during that time too. I wouldn't say that doing c25k alone will help to lose lots of weight, but it will certainly make you fitter. Along with running I also do swimming and walking on my rest days. I also do some basic resistance work too. I have also been using myfinesspal.com to track what I eat. I personally think it's the change in my eating habits that has helped me lose the weight but doing all the exercise just makes me feel great in myself and hopefully will give me a nicer body shape.

    Regardless of weightloss the high you feel after completing the runs is so worth it!

  • I haven't quite cracked this thorny issue yet (2 months post-grad) but I personally would just get running and not worry about regulating your diet at this stage. I have found that the running automatically steers me towards healthier food choices and I'm less likely to pig out as I'm much more aware of how my body feels and what it needs, and I'd much rather live like that than counting everything I eat (sorry to all the myfitnesspal fans out there). I am also dead against the likes of WeightWatchers (I'll start to rant if I write any more on that) although I know people on here swear by them. It's what happens after you've lost the weight that bothers me - you are effectively on a diet for the rest of your life.

    Andy's advice is so good - you will definitely tone up and shape up over the 9 weeks, and then it's time to review what other changes you can make. And even then, try just one small change at a time. For me, it's been cutting waaaay back on the booze, which I'm just about getting used to, and don't think I could have done before starting C25K - and is it a coincidence that the scales tell me I've dropped a couple of pounds in the last fortnight? (I've resolved only to weigh every 2 weeks in order not to get obsessed.... :-) )

    But do expect to either stay the same or even increase your weight slightly in the first few weeks. Better still, don't weigh yourself at all during the programme......

    Good luck as you get going, and keep blogging - this is a great community and you'll find so much fun and support here!

  • Excellent ! Thank you all so much - Ive just done my first run!!!

  • Hi, I started c25k & joined Slimming World at the same time in Jan (New Year's Resolution!). I've lost 2 stone & am certain I couldn't have done it without the combination of the 2. Just dieting or just exercising hasn't worked for me b4, but sticking 2 them both & amazingly the weight has dropped off, yay! Good luck & well done on taking yr 1st run.

  • Thank you - I tried SW and WW but couldnt get on with it - I know i need to eat less and better basically! So ill go with that! ANd well done to you too ;) and thanks for your reply :D

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