My secret

I'm 50, female, unfit & overweight. I downloaded the podcasts and did my first run last Friday (more of a jiggle) and today completed Week 1 Run 2. The only person who knows I'm doing this is the dog. And now this forum. I downloaded the podcast for my friend a couple of years ago and admired how she went from couch potato to a runner but it is only now that I have the urge to try myself. I hope I make it through to the end, thanks for any advice or support.


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  • Well done CrystalCat for starting! The programme really works but if you're struggling with something, there's always good advice to be found here. Good luck with the rest of your runs

  • Congratulations for starting - that's more than half the battle I reckon. Just getting those running shoes on and out the door .... with Laura taking you through step by step ... well done and keep going!

  • Good luck x

  • Fantastic!! Well done - you've taken those all important first steps, that's great. I have graduated and being overweight and asthmatic, wondered if I'd ever get there - but you do! In a few weeks you'll look back and remember the first struggles and realise how far you've come - many of us have. Just making that decision and starting is such an achievement and I hope your doggy is a good training buddy/confidante :D well done again and keep on keeping on!!!

  • :) well done!

  • Well done for starting. You and the dog will go far

  • Literally.

  • Good luck and welcome Lots of support for you on this forum Just take it slow and steady and listen to Laura Happy running

  • The dog won't tell anyone, and neither will we! Although people might guess that you are both up to something when you are sleeker and fitter. Well done for starting the programme. :-)

  • I like that word, I hope to be sleek one day.

  • Well done. Trust Laura and she will get you through it - slow and steady wins the day, and don't beat yourself up if things don't quite go as planned. Just be proud that you are out there doing it! Keep us posted!


  • Good luck :-)

  • I also did the programme in secret. I felt like it took the pressure off. I td my other half two days before my graduate run- he was pretty shocked! Good luck to you,

  • I started Week 1 Run 1 last night, and am doing it pretty much in secret too. Only a small number of people know about it, which is great. I've previously had gym memberships, and oddly found this more nerve wracking before going out last night. However, because of the encouragement in the podcasts, I pushed myself perhaps more than I used to at the gym. Thanks for the comments on here, its good to read that it will get easier.

  • Well done for starting. Loads of help here to keep going. It is really amazing how quickly you progress from that first 60 second stagger, gasping for 90 seconds walking to thinking 'I can do this!!' Good luck!

  • Well done - wish my dog would come running with me but she's too busy sniffing everything and wouldn't keep up!

  • Well done - I started in my fifties, a bit podgy and unfit, and only my daughter in law (who does marathons, so was good to turn to for advice) knew about it. The clocks changing last Spring caught me out, and was when my husband found out! And he was amazed. This is a good time to start - the weather can only get better, and the days longer. Go for it - you will be hooked


  • Fantastic! Welcome aboard. I can only echo what other folk have said - trust the programme it will get you there and please share your successes and any hitches with the forum. Even though you are doing it in secret, you most certainly are not doing it alone.

  • Hi, well done for getting off the couch. You have two runs under your belt and I've no doubt you'll make it through to the end and that you'll be the one people admire and inspire! Good luck

  • Thank you so much for all the positive messages. :-)

  • I didn't tell anyone either Cat! I knew they would take the wotsit so I kept schtum. My husband found out when he inadvertently locked me out of the house so I had to bang on the door for him to let me in. I couldn't really blag my way out of why I was dressed in running tights, trainers and a pink top and covered in mud. He was ok at first when he thought I was just wearily trudging round the park; making gentle remarks, but when I joined a running group then things turned nasty. He told me that what I was doing wasn't real running. I got so mad I can't tell you. I ignored him of course and my run leader thinks I'm doing fine. When I'm out with them I KNOW I'M RUNNING. So my OH can go stuff himself. Don't let other folks worry you Cat, you just crack on and enjoy it.

  • Just to add my welcome and congrats to everyone else. As you can see, many of us started out in secret like you. I was one, but can't shut up about it now to anyone that will listen!

    Happy running!

  • Well done you! I hope that the dog is trustworthy!

  • Well done! I'm 51, overweight, unfit and also started my running in secret - I told no one and didn't begin until I had found somewhere completely private to run. A jiggle would be too polite to describe my running style - I'd call it a lumber, but nevertheles I got there shortly before Christmas and gained my graduate badge. If I can do it, absolutely anyone can, so go for it and enjoy!

  • I bet your dog is happy !!!

    Good new year quote"Don't wait till conditions are perfect, starting makes it perfect"

    Well done you started :) Yesterday, I completed week 4, run 1 ,it's taken me much longer than 4 weeks, I was so delighted with myself, I really didn't trust in myself that I was ready to move up to another week, but did better than I thought.... It won't be long and Laura will feel like a friend, and she won't tell either.

  • Hi there, well done you.... i have not even managed to down load the podcast. so have not managed my first run...

  • Well done, 7 months ago I would never have guessed I would be running three times a week. This forum is amazing and my favourite nugget from it is that 'you are going faster than the person on the sofa'. Welcome aboard the C25K ; )

  • Well done. I too run secretly. I think apart from here only 3 people know: 2 are my kids and the other who is a friend that is a serious runner.

    Keep going and post here for support, it really helps

  • Well done for restarting, good luck :)

  • Oh good, I'm 52 and very overweight, glad I'm not the only one over a certain age giving it a go.

  • Jilise, we are in our prime!

  • I think there's rather a lot of us! And yes, I like the word 'prime' CrystalCat. Sounds better than 'mature'!

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