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Played about at it for a few weeks

Hi everyone, I've been messing about at it for the festivities, been managing 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there, but not on a regular basis, which I was doing before Christmas. So here's the new year resolution.............just drinking my last couple of glasses of wine and cooking a delicious roast dinner, before back to being focused from tomorrow. I'm a little frightened I've lost my mojo, but must get back to it. I'm also a little frightened that I have to run in the bright yellow top my husband bought me for Christmas!!!! I can now see daylight through my daughters old trainers so need to get back to a degree of fitness before I brave a gait analysis. On the plus side I survived Christmas without any cigarettes, just need to have my mouth wired so that I can change my name from Fattytumtum to Flattytumtum..well one can always dream. Wish me luck. Happy running everyone and good luck if you're just starting out.

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Well done for getting out at all and huge achievment for having no cigarettes I dont think youll have lost mojo it just might take couple of runs to wake it up and get back to normaln routine Completely normal at this time of year Just keep looking at forum for support


Well done on not smoking. Think of all the money you will save and your lungs. Hope your roast dinner was nice. Onwards and upwards for us all in 2014.


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