New PB at parkrun 35.39 (21 secs faster) Over the moon

Will I be Fit for my 60th birthday in 6 wks ? Oh yes!

Started c25k at end of Sept because I wanted to be able to run charity race with 3yr old grandson who has leukaemia and now feel confident I will be able to do - so really chuffed As a 1/2 way goal I have been focussing on being healthier for my 60 th birthday in feb. Now running 3 times a week including weekly parkrun When I started prog decided to stop counting calories and crash diets and just tried to eat healthier and be mindful of what I eat --and I have lost 1st ! Absolutely over the moon My new motto is slow and steady and you will get there. 6 weeks to my birthday party - never had one as adult as daughters is day before and we always kind of celebrated together -but last year was pretty s*** so wanted to celebrate 1st successful yr of grandsons treatment We having bouncy castle and new fitter me will be first to have a shot Sorry to go on but just so delighted with way feeling and all down to starting this prog and your support So massive THANK you to all fellow runners and good luck with your running in 2014

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  • Well done on your pb, that's great; & you certainly are fit for 60 already :-)

    Congrats on your darling grandsons progress, that's something to celebrate in style! Grandsons are the best (I'm biased as I only have one grandson who I adore, & he did his first official Parkrun (walk) today, not bad for 4! ;-)

  • Thanks poppy Well done to your wee grandson brilliant achievement --they just steal your hearts and take over your life - magic ! My grandson and his 5 yr old sister did 1 mile race last may and to my shame I I couldn't keep up with them I promised I would do it this year with them and although it took me months of thinking about it once I got started I was hooked So going to be be good running with them and also to raise some money for the charity that is trying to reduce the dreadful side effects of drugs the children have to take

  • Oh that's fab news! You must be so chuffed with yourself, and rightly so. Great news about the weight loss too. Fit, slim and healthy. What more could you ask. Well done.

  • Thanks miss wobble still like to lose another stone but in no rush and be happy with even1/2 lb off a week This will be first Christmas that I havnt put on about 5 lbs so well chuffed

  • That's brilliant you must be over the moon with that& the weight loss ! What a bonus . It's a shame it's took me most of my adult life to realise that diets don't work & all you have to do is run & eat what you want . Really pleased for you miss60 I bet all your family are very proud of you .

  • Hi Rockette yes family very supportive and that makes big difference . When I've tried to lose weight before I used to look for big losses every week but the minute I had ' normal ' meal I also had big weight gains This is much more sensible way ---and i feel so good

  • I don't know about you , but I find I can eat & don't want to eat rubbish , like crisps etc , I just want healthy stuff . & the bonus of weight loss without trying .

  • Yes I agree But i sm no angel and when am tempted with something I used to class as 'bad' food I can eat it but don't have the guilty feelings Last week was out with friend and left 1/2piece of cheesecake cos not that nice ---before I would have ate it anyway so taste buds and attitude to food def changed Never expected that side effect when first ran with Laura

  • Seriously impressive fitfor60. Please accept my standing ovation :)

  • Oh thank you lemon doodle that's very kind of you Appreciate it

  • I am chuffed to bits for you! Such a sense of achievement and all done in doable steps. Keep it up and keep on parkrunning. And keep on posting! x

  • Thanks deb Will do as am in such a better place than this time last year so want good feelings to continue

  • Well done what a great time, you certainly are fitter and I am sure your Birthday party will be amazing

  • Thanks

  • What a brilliant achievement. For just a fraction of your life you have changed the rest of it. Magic. I'm still aiming for that Glasgow Parkrun in March, which will be 3 months since I started C25K.

    Best wishes for the fundraising and running.

  • Thanks good luck for march Hopefully weather better by then -- but you can never tell in Scotland Let us know how you get on Is your wife still running with you

  • Thanks very much. Yes, my wife and I have just started week 4 with a really good run. We sneak out when the rain stops for half an hour or so. When we get back, our little Yorkie (Lizzie) is still howling because she wants to come with us. I don't know how she would look in Lycra!

  • What a glorious way go start 2014. You've proved that age IS just a number. You can achieve your fitness goals at any age. You're amazing for running three times a week! Careful you don't disappear

    We'd miss you! Your dear little lad has an inspirational Nanny! :-)

  • You are so right about age I feel fitter than I have done for at least 20+ years Ino chance if me disappearing I am still 2stone heavier than pre children but think it would be realistic just to aim for 1 stone off

  • Fantastic post! Congratulations on your pb - you will be running proud with your grandson this year. You are definitely going to be 'Fitfor60' and deserve your celebration. Thank you for being such an inspiration, not just in your running, but in posting on here with such a positive attitude despite what you and your family have been going through.

    When your race gets nearer please tell us the charity you are raising money for - I for one would love to sponsor your efforts and make a small donation on your behalf. Good luck!

  • It's great to feel so fit isn't it! I'm the same as you in that I didn't gain as much this Christmas as in previous years. I gained 6 pounds last but only 4 this year, so things are looking up.

    CH77 you could tuck your little dog into your running top if you want to let him enjoy a run with you. My husband used to put our Jack R into his running jacket for the first half of the run and then let him run the return leg, so it wasn't too much for him. Happy running folks

  • Hi miss wobble you'll soon run that 4lbs off

    I have enough worries about where to put gloves when warmer so no way I could cope with dog down the t shirt

  • Oh Thank you for your kind words I wasn't expecting anyone on this forum to sponsor me cos very aware money tight and everyone has their own problems and their own favourite charity I have asked friends and family to donate instead of pressies so hopefully will raise some money It is very kind of you to offer to sponsor me I have set up a Just giving page - just search for Rona Perkins (ronas children cancer run ) The charity is North of England Childrens Cancer Research Fund. When out running I often think of the people over the years whose fundraising has given our grandson a fighting chance

  • Fantastic - well done :-)

  • Thanks vonnyliz

  • It was Ch77 who was on about his dog crying when he went running. LOL

  • Hi FF60! Just logged on for first time in a few days and found your post and had to say 'well done'! I'm so glad for you all! What a difference this C25K thing has made to so many of us! Happy 2014!

  • Thank you flossie I have to say I am feeling good (especially compared to this time last year) Still amazes me how running can affect your life in so many different ways I hope you have had lovely Christmas and running goes well for you in 2014

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