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Running+Cold=No Go For Me

Well...my sniffles from Saturday exploded into a full blown cold on Sunday and I decided against getting back into my Mon/Wed or Thur/Sat schedule in order to give myself another day to get over it.

Which didn't really work out as I'm still just as bad. But since it was mostly just congestion I figured that giving the run a go anyway wouldn't hurt.

And for the first five minutes I thought everything would be fine...but I had to stop 8 minutes in through utter fatigue. It wasn't even my breathing, which was fine, but I just felt too weak to continue.

I took a two minute walking break and decided to just try to run back home but even that needed another 90 second walking break halfway through.

So I don't know if I am just too ill to manage or if I managed to psyche myself out...but at least I got a little bit of running in. And hopefully I'll be better on Thursday!

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Sounds like you need a tad more rest - but be proud you went out there and tried! That is a huge achievement (I was about to say not to be sniffed at - and then giggled for about 5 minutes...oh dear). Give yourself a day or to and then see how it goes, best to take a day or two for rest then be out for weeks :) happy new year and get well soon!


It takes longer to get over a cold than we think. A month or so ago, I stopped mid run, for only the second time in six months running, simply because I was pushing too hard after a cold and just couldn't take it. Running certainly helps us to be more aware of our bodies, so long as we listen!




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