Couch to 5K

Timely motivation

Have gone to bed for the last three nights with the intention of getting up the next morning and going out for a plod. Didnt happen and this morning was sat having a cup of tea and opened this forum. Read the latest posts and it reminded me of what I get out of it when I make the effort to run - so, have been out and done 40 mins non stop which is 5 mins more than I have done before so very very happy with myself.

And thanks to all of you who post your highs and lows and give others the support and motivation we all need from time to time.

Have signed up for Jantastic so hoping that challenge will keep me on track for January.

Best wishes and Many thanks to you all xxxx

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That sounds great. We all need a bit of motivation especially in this weather. Down here in the south today it's seemed like dusk all day.


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