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Hi all, I was nervous about W8 R1 as I have experienced some very slight knee and hip pain in my right leg, but I forced myself out of the door this evening and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure what's making my leg ache as I've had no real problems so far. I hope it is just sitting around after W7 R3 on Boxing Day rather than my usual activity walking to the station and back each day and walking round at work. Fingers crossed it sorts itself out as I feel really close to graduating now I would hate for anything to hold me back.

Best wishes


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Hey, snap! Did my 7/3 on Boxing day and 8/1 today. I've been having shin twinges in week 6 and 7/1-2 but they have disappeared this week so I hoping it was just muscle adjustments to getting fitter. I am nervous of injury breaking the spell but so far so good.

Planning ahead with my runs, I'm on target to graduate 12th Jan at the mo.


Hi lemondoodle, fingers crossed we can continue injury free! I run Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday so my estimated date of graduation is 9th Jan, a week before my birthday. I know its not a race but I haven't missed a run so far and I feel I've built up some momentum which has gets me out of the house when I want to stay in the warmth.


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