The Motivational Check In Thread

Hi all. I am doing this for me, but anyone can check in and do similar.

At the start of each week I will have my planned running sessions recorded and once I have done a session I will log it by putting a reply to the post. If I haven't posted in 24 hours I would appreciate a reply sent to me reminding me to get my sorry ass out of bed and doing some exercise.


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22 Replies

  • Week 1:

    28 Dec

    30 Dec (seeing my GP that day, so will probably need it)

    1st Jan (Honest - I can't drink so I may as well exercise on NY Day!)

  • 28 Dec: DId W1R1 - didn't die. About 2 miles. New transition running shoes are great, but I am glad I have walked in them a fair bit because they do stretch your achilies somewhat!

  • Well can do it....

  • Well done you! Better than me I'm afraid. Had planned to run today but it is raining very hard & the wind,,,,,I'm going to attempt to run once by NY's day I hope.

  • A fortunate break in the wind for me, and I have a nice sheltered loop to run, half of it off road.

    My running jacket didn't know what had hit it - first time in 12 months!

  • 30 Dec: 2.18miles according to my GPS...and the 60sec run was down the high street, so there was some embarrassment factor. Loving my transition shoes. Currently sitting with cat number 2 on my lap. GP review was difficult. He asked me to decide if I was ready to go back to work. I've always worked through my depression before so it was hard to say "no, I need 2 more weeks". Came home and slept 2 hours after the appt, so I'm guessing I made the right call! Cat number 2 (called Archie) sitting on my lap also suggests a good call on my part as he is a "nurse cat" and looks after anyone who is sick in this household. Usually he either ignores or tolerates me...

  • Well done for getting out there - a very good start!

  • sounds like a good idea, i will watch for your post

  • I'm excusing myself from 1st Jan run as I'm across to Oxford to visit my godchildren. So unless I wake early tomorrow there ain't going to be time

    Replacement run for W1R3: 2 Jan

  • Week 2

    4 Jan: it's a Saturday!

    6 Jan: someone else will be seeing my patients so I will need distraction

    8 Jan: not attending a meeting I should be at!

  • Urgh!

    Hit a black day on Friday. Slept around 18 hours. Been recovering over the weekend.

    Decided to start on week 2 this morning.

    No problems - 2.5 miles.

    Lisa's running style advice was ignored and her breathing advice is not good for someone with a predisposition to hyperventilation - I strongly suggest a 4 in and 6 out pattern if you are getting anxious or out of breath.

  • Week 2 plan:

    W2R1: done

    W2R2: Wednesday 8/1

    W2R3: Friday 10/1

  • W2R2: well that felt like running through treacle - but I did it on a bad energy day, and I feel better for being outside 2.4 miles

  • W2R3: ICE!!!! 2.3 miles in 36 minutes. Blah!!!!

    But it's done and I get to do W3 next

  • W3 plan:

    I'm heading back to work so this needs some thinking through

    W3R1: Sunday afternoon

    W3R2: Tuesday - May well do it middle of day between clinic and office work

    W3R3: Thursday - I'm at another work base - defo a middle of the day run needed - will look up a 2.5 mile local route

  • She short changed me!!!!

    Oi! Laura! There should have been another 90 seconds after the second 3min walk. I was too far from home, so that's what I did :)

  • Hi KW. How are you doing? How are the runs? I went a bit quiet as I've been a bit ahem lazy & not in the routine of running but I'm pleased to report that I've completed 2 very short run/walks in the last few days & I plan to head out tomorrow. Of course the weather has improved slightly ie no strong wind nor rain at the moment has helped but I'm getting out there. I'm thinking of entering some races for later in the year so I had better get my arse into gear! X

  • CK, they are going well. I'm hoping I can keep up this pace of improvement and perhaps do a few races myself in early summer - before I travel home to NZ

  • W3R2: Wed AM, should have done Tues PM as might have improved my rotten mood. Slightly better after run as did 2.1m on this shortened podcast!

  • Well done

  • Thx

  • Well done. It's inspiring me to get running again. Got out there & did a pretty reasonable run today after several weeks of procrastinating & excuses (it's too cold, wet, blah, blah). I may have finally got my stride back. I just need to increase the distance & the speed at some point. For the first time in a while, I felt good after the run so to answer your original question - running / exercise does help with depression.

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