I've just completed my first park run & I loved it

Ok I was the last , but I didn't care completed it in about 35 .40 something, results will appear later today or tomorrow . A great bunch & they all made me feel welcome . I was the oldest female there I think . I took it steady just wanted to enjoy the experience was running & talking to a lady most of the way round , she got to the finish line , a few seconds before me . Can't wait to do it again . Nice weather too .


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  • Well done. You must feel elated. What a great way to end the year. Merry Christmas.

  • Thanks tinyrun , glad I've actually done it , nearly chickened out lol

  • Think I'm running backwards, but it's motivating to read people very far ahead of me. I say motivating, but I tend to read a lot...

  • Yay for you!!

  • Thanks matiko , did you get to do your run yet ?

  • It wasn't the Clifton Park Parkrun by any chance was it, Rockette? Xx

  • Yes ! Was u there ? X

  • No, but it is my local Parkrun and I keep an eye on the results each week. I've been registered since it started but haven't yet plucked up the courage to run it because it's so hilly! I might join you if you run it again cos I'd expect to be finishing in around the same time. Were the hills as bad as they seem? x

  • No , hills are not that bad , not my favorite part of the run but just take it steady , & use them arms to push you lol . Yes that would be great if you joined me Saruma , I can't do every sat. Next sat I'm working , but will be doing the one after that .

  • I knew you would love it and fantastic time Well done Last is fine -- i am always last or nearly last but it doesnt matter when you doing it That ll be you hooked now Only thing is next time you will be going round thinking maybe i can knock of couple seconds !! I am Sooo pleased for you You can sign up for txt message which sends your time before all the results at sent out

  • Thanksfitfor60, you where right , it's a great experience I thought about what you told me , & kept it nice & steady at the start .I was at the back the while time but I enjoyed it . Yes I'm hooked & can't wait to do it again .

  • Well done, the first one always takes courage. Sounds like quite a fast field, that's a very respectable time and you wouldn't have been last at ours today - although the main thing is to remember you're really only running against yourself. Hope you enjoy many more happy parkruns! :-)

  • Yes notbad ,your right I'm just chuffed I'm running these distances , & if somebody had told me I'd be doing park runs last year at this time I would have died laughing ! .

  • Well done for getting out there and an amazing time......and hills oh my goodness you deserve a medal for that alone, I have yet to run my local parkrun, I have run the course on my own but my time is so slow I would be about ten minutes behind everyone else so am working on getting quicker then try in the new year

  • Brilliant!!! Well done! I hope you're really chuffed with yourself.

  • You know what I was the slowest today & everybody is so nice & it didn't feel at all competitive most of the runners wait for the last ones to finish . I understand where your coming from though & you will go for it when you feel you are ready . I was thinking about it for weeks . Happy running .(

  • Nice one Rockette, the first of many I should think.

  • Thanks iannodatruffle , oh yes I will be doing plenty more .

  • Fantastic, great time too, especially with hills involved! I am definitely doing it in January. Want to be back to where I was before I got the lurgy before I do it. You have inspired me though :)

  • Thanks Lizziebeth hope your soon back to yourself & doing them park runs

  • Nice one Rockette and in a great time too. :-) I've done 6 Parkruns now in total and I'm still at least two and a half minutes slower then you!

  • Thanks twizzle53 as long as we are enjoying our runs , who cares if we are not the speediest , we are out there improving our fitness & well being . Thanks for your comments .

  • Well done! Wish I could have done a park run this morning, but too injured. Great to hear that you enjoyed it though!

  • Thanks Julia . Wishing you a speedy recovery .

  • Well done Rockette, it's great to hear you're keeping up the running and doing Parkruns too. Now you're the inspiration that others were when you started week 1

  • Thanks Andy , yes it's a fantastic forum , I really believe I couldn't have done what I'm doing without everybody on here . & I know posting helps me & others as well that's what it's all about .happy running

  • Well done you. Great achievement. Another example of how running changes our lives. Mind you, I still haven't done a Parkrun despite having two close to where I live! That could be a target for 2014 :)

  • Thanks ned , go for it , highly recommended . You may see me at one of those park runs when I get more adventurous , lol .

  • What a fantastic time! I finished last in about 40 minutes in my Park Run! We should find one to run together, then you will definitely not be last! The sun has just come out so I am going to run my favourite 5K run through the forest now and see if I can do it in 39. You have inspired me again Rockette.

  • Thanks turnturtle, good luck with your run , it sounds lovely

  • It was lovely Rockette and I shaved 45 seconds off my previous 5K time! I love the forest. I am very privileged to live here. I always take the dogs and the minute they see me put my running shoes on they go beserk, so there's no escape! I actually prefer running in solitude which isn't because I'm anti-social but because I regard my running now as my bit of 'me-time'. I only came across other human beings once- a group of ten 'ramblers' about my age who asked for directions, which I was actually able to give them and with a smile without stopping running. I couldn't have done that six weeks ago...

  • That's great , a new personal best. Yes you are very lucky to have what sounds a beautiful place to run , sounds like my cup a tea . Congratulations on your new PB .

  • Only recently have I started to appreciate the value of running as 'therapy', and yes, for me it is better alone. I can even say that mud is much more enjoyable than I ever thought it was! (I'm not rolling in it yet - but don't rule anything out!). Your forest sounds like bliss.

  • It is Madame Truffe! I do mud too when I have too, but the pine-scented needle beds on the Forest tracks are just heaven for me.

  • That fantasic well done!! Great time especially with hills!!!!

  • Gosh well done you Rockette! I've registered but haven't done one yet. Too much xmas in the way! I've only been getting out once a week because of other commitments and my dodgy hip. How has your knee been? Have a really Happy Christmas matey and all the best with your running in 2014. X

  • Hi Jen , great to hear from you , hope the hip soon gets better . Yes it's hard getting the runs in this time of year . I registered weeks ago for park run & I must say really enjoyed it sat . Hope it's not long before you can do one . Wishing you & yours a merry christmas & a happy & new year . Happy running X

  • Regarding the knee , its been fine I think it's a age thing with me lol

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