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Week 3 run 3 complete! :)

I've not long got back from my third run of week 3 and all I have to say is amazing! I can't believe the changes I have seen this week with my runs, I can breathe better, I feel relaxed and I have managed every single run Laura has given me! It was wet, dark and windy when I set off but that didn't deter me in anyway at all!

For the first 3 weeks I have dreaded the next weeks running but today for the first time since I began I feel hopeful about the next weeks running. Fingers crossed that this sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm carries me through the 5 minute runs of week 4.

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You will do fine. The program is set up to make sure your ready for it. It really sounds like your getting the running bug now. Happy running.


Glad to hear you're enjoying it and are still motivated. Laura is a star she really is, and if you listen to her carefully she'll see you right. If in a few weeks you may have a harder run, don't worry as the following week it will probably be easier. Keep the faith. You can do it.


I really do enjoy running at the moment and I really hope it continues. Miss Wobble, I have seen a few other post of people having a bad run but carried on

and the next run was fine. I suppose it's quite common to go through it? and I am sure that it will happen to me at some time in the future. I will hopefully carry on and be out on the next run pounding those pavements :)


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