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Back to running at week 4 - I hope :)

At least I hope so! It's been a month since my last proper run as I injured my left Achilles and was only able to hobble around for a couple of weeks. It's been much better since in the last two weeks so on Thursday and Friday I went out for a few minutes jogging to see what reaction I got. It seems to be fine, felt a little like it's bruised but nothing too bad, so today I tried a week 4 run. I kept to soft grass as much as possible and I got through it OK although I did get some tightness and a little pain in my right calf. I've stretched that out so hopefully it will be OK tomorrow and I can run again on Weds.

Great to be back on my feet, the last month has been so frustrating - now hoping for the best

Anyone else been through this?

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