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Week 9 R1's getting closer - as I get thinner..16lbs lighter!

Well w8 took a while. My motivation is still pretty low due to cold. I'm off on holiday on wed for 6wks so am determined to finish.

I've been doing this plan since sept in conjunction with doing the 5:2 diet and have lost 16lbs. Nothing last week or so where my fast days haven't worked out ha ha. But given I am 52 so more difficult to lose I truly believe this plan has really helped with the weight loss and the reappearance of my waist. So now only half a stone away from my ideal weight - back to normal BMI and walking with a bounce.

I have become a bore about this plan but it truly is amazing. I'm a bit worried about what will happen after I graduate tho??? I know I won't do any running in south goa, India for 6 wks!! The books I'm packing will see to that. But when I come back do you just keep going and try to get your speed up? I'm just about doing 4k in 30mins

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What an amazing journey you've had. You can look back at the year and feel so proud! I'm worried about motivating myself too when I graduate tomorrow but Rockette recommended I read 'Running like a girl' to give me a boost! I currently have it on my nook and it's great. Perhaps it's one for your Goa booklist? Have a great time - you've earned it and check in here when you get home! :-)


Congratulations on you're weight loss and you're running.I had just a few pounds to lose, so tried the 5.2 and couldn't hack it.I have used myfitness tracking calories and have been surprised how much you can eat,in fact I haven't been eating enough, with the exercise I have been doing.What a great holiday you are going on.You deserve it.maybe swimming every day would be good and lots of reading?Have a wonderful time and chill out. X


Thanks guys. Lots and lots of reading - I'll try and squeeze another one in!

I like the 5:2 as I do like a challenge and the feeling the next morning when I've done it

Just been out my final run but unfortunately not my graduation one. Will have to finish at W9 R2 as no time over next couple of days and then off :)

But managed to run 5k! Just took me 37 mins tho. Drat!


Never mind drat. Well done you. I'd love that time.


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