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Numb foot?

A few times I've found my foot go numb at the end of my run (normally after really pushing my legs into running when they're really tired). The numbness in my foot becomes apparent in my warm down walk and it doesn't really bother me that much because it's not painful, just that tingly sensation like when you shake off pins and needles.

I assume this is just the circulation getting back to normal after diverting attention to the muscles or something (biology expert I am not) but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything bad?

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Could be that your shoes are laced a little too tightly - a common problem! Try loosening them slightly or lacing them in a different way and see if that helps.

This is one site that has several options.


Hmm...I do normally wear steel toe cap boots for work and the laces need to be tight to keep everything in the right place. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm subconsciously doing the same with my running shoes, which are much tighter fitted! The parallel lacing might help, so I'll try that!


Also youtube has some excellent videos.


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