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Week 8, run 2 and time to say goodbye to Laura

I do feel a bit guilty, she got me this far after all, but running to my own music (and using the countdown timer on my ancient mobile phone) was a lot better, although ringtone not a patch on Laura! Kept reminding myself of Laura's pep talks, especially at the end. I used the top gun soundtrack so there was a bit of a theme going on, although now not sure about "take my breath away" for the cool down walk!

If i get to the end of the programme (had to extend the days between runs this week as legs are feeling pretty sore afterwards) and i'm still running this time next year might ask for a garmin, for now ancient nokia and ipod will have to do.

I like the idea of creating different playlist for different run moods!

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I think Laura would understand! I have "angry run", "happy run", "bouncy run" playlists, so I can change it for how I feel. I think its surprising the difference it can make :) Well done! Week 8 - I am waiting to happy dance and send high fives for your graduation! :D


Thank you for your encouragement and for being with me through the last few weeks, it makes such a difference! I do feel i can get there, not long now!


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