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Been unwell, now what?

I had reached Week 8 and done 3k in 30mins. Good enough for me, I thought! But then I had an Achilles injury and now a bad case of flu and a bit of depression thrown in for good measure. Still not well enough to go out with a bad chest and all. I guess all my muscles are softening up again! but hey. When I start again, because I am determined to, I will need to re-start somewhere. How do you reckon I should go about it? Thank you. It's so annoying, because I was so delighted with how I'd got on until then....

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How frustrating for you. To come all that way and then suffer from setback after setback - sorry to hear that :-( Maybe it's worth going back to the week where you felt the most comfortable? What about going back to Week 5 or 6 where you still had the walking breaks? If your fitness comes back quickly you can always skip to the chase? Good luck and don't give up. Just give yourself a break.


Thanks a lot jenwrenarm. I'm taking that break right now - and I think you're right. Going back to a run-walk pattern won't feel quite so daunting. Just gotta get through this damned flu first. I really appreciate your kind message, thank you.


I just completed week 4 run 1 for the second time (couldn't quite manage the whole run the first time) and have now come down with a nasty head cold so have taken a week off. Not nearly as bad as you, but I was wondering the same thing. If I pick up where I left off I doubt I will complete it, but having to go back a week or 2 is so disheartening.

Well done for getting that far though, maybe your increased fitness will help you fight off the flu quicker!


Thank you lindz1982. Onward and upward eh.


If I was in your shoes I'd rest until I had recovered but then again I may be itching to go for a run regardless :)

You could read this if you want some professional advice -

If you have completed up to week 8 there's no reason it won't come back to you and sometimes taking a break can improve your performance so you may be pleasantly surprised.

Whatever you choose to do I hope you feel better soon and best wishes for completing weeks 8 and 9.


Thank you runningnotwalking. I'll take a look at that link :)


I reached week 6 then was ill for 6 weeks with flu, chest infection, then bronchitis. As my breathing was so bad, I started again at wk 2. It was worth it. I am building up again nicely. You will too. Why not start somewhere easy? You can always progress more quickly than the first time if it's TOO easy. Be kind to yourself. C25k is helping my depression, and I hope it helps yours too. :)

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Thank you Iwant2run - it will help mine again too, I know. I think a successful and slow start will give me a boost once I recover from this flu.


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