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Week 5 Run 2

Well, my confidence from week 4 continues and I set off in the frame of mind today that Yes...I can do this!

I did do some pre-run stretches to help keep away some of the niggles that have crept in as I run, and that worked really well (not a twinge in sight and my post run recovery seemed easier, too).

But I set off and I was planning on avoiding the hill that starts my run route by turning off one road early, but I decided at the last minute to carry on and include it. On my Wk5R1 I managed to recover my breath from the hill on the downward slope so I thought I would risk it despite the increased running time. The risk paid off as it didn't affect my run at all! I took it slow for a bit to recover and then carried on.

Admittedly I kept the pace down anyway, but I didn't want to exhaust myself (my failed run from Wk3 is still a lesson on keeping to a good pace!).

I felt really good at the end of the first run and felt like I could have gone on for longer (which is a good sign for Wk5R3) but my legs really felt achy during the walking break. They continued to feel heavy during the second run and I lost a little control on my breathing as I forced myself to carry on. My pace really went down as I pushed for the full 8 minutes and the final run ended up taking me back to my street (which goes uphill) and I managed a good 15 seconds uphill (despite the achy legs) until Laura finally told me to slow to walking. After feeling the burn in my legs all the way through the second run, being able to go even a little uphill felt like I couldn't have been that bad off!

I feel like, at this stage, that the walking breaks are almost doing more harm than good. My legs seem to hurt more for them and the breathing recovery feels just on the cusp of unnecessary. I guess that means that the programme is working right on schedule for me!

I'm actually really looking forward to Wednesday. I'm not completely certain that I'll manage it first time, but I feel like it's certainly possible and I'm going to be positive going into it (I probably WILL cut off that first hill, though!).

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Excellent positive attitude.The right mental approach is a great help. Well done and good luck for R3.


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