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Parkrun at w7?

Just canvassing opinion on this. I was thinking of doing a parkrun on Saturday so I will have just finished w 7. What do others think.? Do I take a walk break in the middle or just see if I can keep going? Don't want to mess with the programme too much as it has got me this far but... I have a 5 mile run on Boxing Day to prepare for ( Chester round the walls) and I have turned into a running junkie;) thoughts welcomed , thanks

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I was at about week 7 or 8 when I did my first Parkrun, I surprised myself by doing it in just under 31 mins. I ran the whole way, but if you need to walk a little then do so.


I'd there's anything that parkrun values it's people who have a go. It's not about being the fastest, it's about trying. So you go and enjoy it :-)

If I had any advice, it'd be too start at the back and stay there until you're halfway round and then see if you can go faster.

Oh and don't forget your barcode :-)


If you feel ready then your ready ; )

If you need a walk break then take one if you know what the course is going to be like then you could plan the best place to have a walk then on the day you can decide if you really need it, I have two local to me one is hilly and one is nearly flat so the choice for a first one is easy.


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