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W7 R1 parkrun


Thank you too everyone on here that showed me support with my earlier nervous post. It was you guys that gave me the determination to get started and finished with three Pb's today. Thank you.

I decided to start right at the back ;-) I did put Laura on to start with, but switched her off when I forgot to turn my garmin on until 0.10k grrr ;-)

Started off with a nice steady pace although a little faster than normal. Settled into the run Fairly quickly, first 1k good and not tired I can't really remember much more until the final 1k, I was sweating bucket loads and having to push myself both mentally and physically. All I could think of was you guys and all your inspirational posts in the last 7 weeks. I gave it my all on the home straight to the finish line.

Garmin off and saved, barcode handed in. My 3 Pb's were fastest 1k 7.13 old time 7.29

Fastest mile 12.04 old time 12.18

Fastest 5k 37.48 old time 44.05.

This is thanks to the c25k and all your support on here and of course myself and the hard work I've put in. Thank you everyone ;-)

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Ooh well done on all the PBs! Excellent time too.

BelindaukGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you.... So glad I took part. Can't wait for the next one now :-) ha ha


Well done Belinda! So pleased that you went along this morning... and got 3 PB's in the process. I'm sure that Park Running is very good for us (6+ minutes off your 5k time is something to be very proud of).

As well as great running, I hope that you found the event friendly, and that you enjoyed running in a crowd. Photo looks great - where were you running?


Thank you Marky, to be fair I did not think I would get any PB's today as the 5k result was from the 10k charity event I done. I've pushed myself so much harder in the last week which clearly paid off with 3 PB's. Now it's time to push a little harder and beat pb's again even if it's only by seconds. Without this program, you guys I would not of been able to do it ;-)

Those guys at parkrun really are quick 1st person to finish in 16 minutes. ;-) it was at the kings lynn parkrun in norfolk ;-)

Wow superb Belinda - fantastic achievement you must be so thrilled. Thanks for sharing your success with us; it's great to see positive stories.

BelindaukGraduate in reply to GettingFitter

Thank you GF. I am buzzing, can't stop smiling. Onwards and upwards ;-)

Brill work Belinda, so pleased it went well and great news on the PB's.... Great running!

BelindaukGraduate in reply to LadyP33

Thank you lady :-)


Well done - so inspiring! :)

BelindaukGraduate in reply to CKC1

Thank you CK ;-)


Well done

BelindaukGraduate in reply to Fitfor60

Thank you FF ;-)

Wow! Great stuff :)

BelindaukGraduate in reply to atomic

Thank you atomic ;-)


Whoop whoop well done! So glad you enjoyed it. You must be proud of all those PB's, its great when you can see improvements like that and I think parkrun is an ideal place to push a bit when you want to do a bit more. I hope everyone was welcoming to you and that you go back for more! Well done x :-D

BelindaukGraduate in reply to no-excuse

Thank you no-excuse, I'm so happy and proud of myself as I was so tempted when I arrived to get straight back in the car and go home. With some encouragement from here I went out and smashed it. I'm going back on the 27th to try and beat fastest 5k time ;-) x


Brilliant stuff well done!

BelindaukGraduate in reply to Mobo40runner

Thank you ;-)


Well done ! It's always worth going out and giving it a go and often the runs you are most reluctant to do that give the best results. Great stuff.

BelindaukGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you henpen ;-)


That's brilliant, well done you, bet you feel really chuffed with yourself and spurred on for more PB. What garmin have you got to record all these pieces of info?

BelindaukGraduate in reply to Judef

Thank you judef, I can't wait to do another one ;-) I have the garmin forerunner 15 I would be lost without it ;-)

JudefGraduate in reply to Belindauk

Thank u x


Wow Belinda that's excellent! ! Well done :-D

BelindaukGraduate in reply to katty4

Thank you Katty ;-)


Fab stuff , so so pleased for you ! Yay, Go Team B ! :-D xxx

BelindaukGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you poppy. Team B ran for the c25k team too :-) x x

poppypugGraduate in reply to Belindauk

Ah , good lass :-) xxx


Well done Belinda! Glad you enjoyed it !

Do take care though chuck cos you're new to this, and all this talk of getting faster so early on is worrying me. The last thing you want is to get ahead of yourself and get hurt. So do take care!

BelindaukGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you miss... I will take it easy I promise. I'm so glad I did the parkrun as now I know I can do this no matter what. My next parkrun is two weeks away which by then I will be on the last of W8 so I should by then beable to knock a couple of seconds off my time ;-)


Yay! Well done you! That's absolutely fab, you must still be floating around on cloud 9. Very well done - is it possible you still haven't graduated? I don't see your badge...

BelindaukGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you, yes still can't quite believe I did it.

I haven't graduated not yet I'm running W7 R2 on Tuesday ;-)

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