My 80/20 Run

I did my third run of the week this morning - I say "DID" very loosely, as it was an almighty disaster! 80% walking and only 20% of running. I was most despondent about that I must say.

The weather was and still is glorious. Icy cold but incredibly sunny with a flawless sky and I set out along the River Thames path at a slow but steady pace. Decided to change my route today as I didn't fancy running along roads where I could hear traffic, so I crossed the walkover bridge at Richmond Lock and headed towards Kew. It was blissful - birds were singing and loooooads of other runners were out, taking full advantage of the magnificent location. All was going well for a while until my right leg started to feel like a lead weight. I pushed on and shuddered at a woman jogger (with her dog) who passed me carrying a see through plastic bag containing a large contribution from her dogs bowels! Imagine jogging holding a bag of sh**???? YUCK!

My right leg was becoming heavier and heavier and I had to stop for a walk break. Seeing as I'm still slowly trying to get my fitness levels to where they once were, I wasn't too annoyed about walking. It was such a lovely morning, I was pleased to be out. I tried another run a few minutes later and felt pretty awful but I pushed on for a bit. I was wondering why my legs were feeling so damned heavy? I've had a niggle in my right shin for ages, but it's not a shin splint because a physio and a podiatrist examined me recently. There's a muscle called the soleus muscle which sits on the inside of the shin and from what I've read about it, it can take quite a while to settle down once inflamed or overstretched. Maybe that's it? Dunno.

Anyway, still quite a long way from home I had to give up my run. The discomfort was way too much to keep going so I walked slowly home. Once I got there I got into the jacuzzi and aimed the jets at my legs and did a major bit of chillaxing.

We all have bad 'un's don;t we? But boy, it still makes you feel miserable when it happens to you. Especially as I used to eat 5K's for breakfast not so long ago......and a few of them within the 30 minute mark too!!

Perhaps the next one will be better? Hope so.....

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  • Onwards and upwards Dan! We all have bad runs so nothing to worry about. Keep running and amusing us with your great blogs!

  • Merci Aftabs!

  • oh dear - it sometimes is frustrating and frustrating- had my own miserable run yesterday - but consoled myself - that I was out doing something and it was such a glorious day. Wish i had had a lovely jacuzzi to come back to. Have you thought about other exercise - swimming, cycling, roller blading. In hyde park they have roller blading lessons - thinking of giving it a go next time i am in London. Don't think for a second I am encouraging you to desert us for something else- but I sure can see you gliding along when running isn't an option :-)

  • Roller blading wouldn't be my thing - I'd break my neck within 3 seconds! swimming and cycling aren't my thing either sadly, although if I had my own private pool, I'd definitely use it A LOT!

  • ...ah well - you will have to keep up this running lark then and keep us entertained in the process:-)

  • I guess if you've been out of action for a while you're going to get a few jiggles like this. Have you tried exercises to strengthen your muscles on non-running days ? I've noticed that legs feel less tired or achy when I do this.

  • Hi RNW, yes I do exercises on my glutes and calf muscles and also I do strengthening exercises formy feet and ankles - all instructed by physio and podiatrist. Although it's only been a couple of weeks so maybe it'll take a wee bit more time for the strengthening to kick in.

  • Try not to be so despondent Dan. Prefer not to imagine the plastic bag of ***T!! Round here people hang them up in trees and bushes. What's all that about?

    Hope you soon feel a lot better. It sounds like a wonderful place to be running round. Better luck for your next outing. You'll probably surprise yourself!

    Keep your pecker up and keep blogging - we all need your wacky take on life!

  • Am working on upward pecker as we speak Beek. Fingers crossed for the next outing!

  • My mind is boggling!

    Have a great run next time! I'm sure you will!

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