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Comfort blanket run - Lovely :-)

Last Tuesday was the last time I ran - this was after a race on the Sunday for 10k - where I pushed myself and then did an ok tuesday fast interval run - but came away with all sorts of aches and pains and clearly needed more recovery time. To be honest it knocked my confidence a bit - managed to find excuses all week not to run. You know ranging from domestic tyranny, to job interview for promotional post ( got the job - yay!!), parents and family visiting that was full on.

So here we are a week later and no run done since. Felt I needed to test my legs and see what was what. I decided to do my old C25K route- mostly flat, some gentle up and down inclines about 2 and half miles run- with a mile walk up a very steep hill to finish. It was like coming home- the most blissful run - beautiful Devon scenery, pink sky before dusk - and like running in comfy slippers - so familiar and reassuring. i was running naked - but could 'hear' laura and enjoyed remembering all the highs and low tip graduation. I found at the end i was running a minute and half faster - no wonder I was puffed out. But the perfect Goldilocks run. this will now be my recovery run after my long runs at the weekend.

Happy running everyone:-)

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Well done on the job!! Hope it goes well.

This winter running is not fun, am only going out at weekend as hate the cold, damp and dark nights - so you are not the only one - I cannot see this changing but have set my motivational goal again, as now doing the Bupa Great Winter Run in Edinburgh on Jan 11 - just another 5k.


Thanks c4ts - appreciate the support - doing daily weather checks at moment - to plan my running. Got one tomorrow - cold - but sun is shining:-)


Congratulations on the promotion!

Sometimes life is busy and it's easy to find an excuse. I only run about 4k on week day cos I know it's flatter and easier yo do my longer runs st the weekend when I'm at my OHs. But a run is a rum. Glad you've found a good recovery run.


thank you - yes it was lovely - and good not to be pushing myself. Am aiming for run tomorrow -looks like cold and sunny :-)


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