Week 8 Run 1

My legs were like led today but I was determined to finish. I forgot my water bottle so I kept thinking about needing a drink but was also pleased to have finished without needing that water til the end. Half way through a group of very fast men ran by (sprinted more like). I managed to keep my composure and pace whilst thinking how do they do that? I finished though, shattered but feeling good.

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  • Well done , I know what u mean about the sprinters , it's happened to me & I think god what the ! Lol . Keep up the good work doing that one thurs .

  • Congratulations Know what you mean about water I forgot it once and went into panic mode but managed without it I run with a friend and I carry Laura and she has water but because we run at different speeds only really come together at end but I am really grateful for water then. !

  • I'm going to have to start & take water now , I never do , but now runs are longer ! I got one of them bottles with hole in middle ( if you know what I mean ) runners bottles , I was gasping today after 25 mins , I nearly choked myself lol I drunk it down that fast .

  • Although its cold out there can you imagine running in the summer --- would probably spend more time drinking than running

  • Ha ha. Then there's problem of toilet stop!!!!

  • I run first thing in morning and I can't tell you how many times I have to ' go ' before I leave house -- just in case

  • Ha ha. I'm exactly the same!

  • First time without it which panicked me slightly. I cant breathe through my nose so my throat gets really dry. Never again.

  • Mum2 you are steaming through this now! Hark at you discussing water bottles - like a proper running pro! Well done you. Amazing.

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