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I thought about trying this C25k program out after seeing my g/f do it for a few weeks. She is in fairly better shape than I am. I am starting off at just over 300 pounds and a short 5 foot 4 inch. My legs hurt like hell, but I keep pushing through. I haven't yet finished a podcast but I am not letting that discourage me. My second run I managed to do one more 60 jog than I had done my first run. I also stopped less and figured out a more suitable pace for myself. I am excited for what the future holds for me and can't wait to do one more 60 second jog on day 3!

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We all have different starting points, but you are out there and giving it a go. Well done, stick with it.


Congratulations on getting started and sticking with it when you aren't managing to finish a run. That sort of determination will see you through. Aches and pains are very much part of running, especially in the first few weeks. These can be reduced, along with the risk of injury, by stretching after each run. There are a good set of basic stretches on the NHS Choices website.

As you have discovered, finding a pace that you can maintain throughout a run is the key at this stage. Don't worry about being slow. Repeating runs until you can complete them is also important. Don't get disheartened. It can be tough, but this programme is life changing and has converted thousands of very unfit people of all shapes, ages, and sizes into committed runners. Be really does work.

Good luck. Keep running and keep posting.


Bravo SurrealReality! Not much more I can add to IannodaTruffe's comments above - he's said it all! This is a brilliant programme and really does work. You've done the hardest bit - getting out there and staying determined to stick with things! You and g/f will have such fitness and fun when you're both out there together! :D

There may be aches and pains along the way, times of doubt, pessimistic comments from people you thought were friends, bad days, brilliant days ... when these occur - revisit this forum. Share your concerns and successes too - the folk on here are the best ever. They'll support you every centimetre along the way, encourage you, make you laugh, encourage you to your best fitness ever. They've been through it or are going through it with you, and between you all, you'll experience the entire gamut of emotions, and end up helping one another on this amazing journey.

Best of luck, and enjoy your running

Cheers, Linda :)


Congratulations in joining this programme And like the others say go slow I am on wk 7 and my pace is now Slow slow plod plod go ( but only for few mins as yet )

Keep reading these posts as everyone is so supporting --- I couldnt have done it without these guys Good luck with your running


Well done! This site is amazing for encouragement and motivation. The sense of achievement at the end of every run is astonishing and as long as you persevere you can achieve it. Trust Laura she will really help you also. I'm at week 8 and am at least 7 stone heavier than I should be. I may not have lost a pound but im toning and feel amazing. Skin and appetite has improved. Keep going your doing brilliantly.


Doing it when you're struggling & then still carrying doing it, is fantastic & will encourage others to keep going when they are struggling. Keep posting & encouraging. Keep going. Folks here will always help you.


Great for getting started - you've done the hard part!

If your joints are aching, check your wearing the right type of footwear. I started off on really old trainers and suffered with my knees and my hips. I finally gave in and brought some new trainers and things got a lot better. Don't be surprised if you don't loose weight during the program - muscle weighs more. Take some vital measurments (upper thigh, waist, hips) if you keep up the exercise, this is where you will notice the difference first. The weight will follow in time. Keep it up and let us know how you get on.


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