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16 days since my last run, I have just done Week 5, Run 3. Am I mad?

It is entirely possible that I am, in fact, stark staring bonkers. My last run 16 days ago was the second of week 5 and I'm really not into repeating runs if I can help it (other than the fact that I am doing this whole programme again from the beginning again having gone back to the couch after a slipped disc, that is!) so I decided I would tackle the next run in the series, even though that was the 20 minutes without stopping one. In the back of my mind there were two conflicting thoughts:

First - you don't lose fitness nearly as quickly as you can gain it, and I've done this before so I know it's possible; and

Second - as I haven't run for 16 days and have just finished a course of antibiotics and have had zero energy for a while there would be no shame in failing at W5R3 at this point.

I'm pleased to say that the first thought won. I did it! W00t, w00t! I did tell Laura to shut up a couple of times during the run when she was telling me that I might struggle, but I did it. I even picked up the pace slightly at the end (knowing it was nearly the end) so that I used every last drop I had in the tank. And there were times when it wasn't too bad. I still don't like running, but I am really pleased that I ran today. With a bit of luck normal service can now be resumed and I can tackle Week 6 next week. It really is taking me ages to do this programme this time (and that without repeating any runs!).

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