Oh 'eck

My fitness is shot! I've spent too long on the injury couch with dodgy knee and chest infections. Running only twice a week for weeks is not enough to maintain the levels of fitness I had achieved by the end of c25k.

Went out this morning with my knees clothed in Tubigrip, with the intension of doing 5k but only managed 4k. Reckon I set out a little too quickly but the fact remains, my legs were too heavy by 4k to continue, although my knees felt fine. Don't quite know what to do about it. I obviously need to run 3 times a week to maintain and build my fitness levels but not sure my knees can cope. This is going to take some thinking about....


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18 Replies

  • Have ypu seen anyone for your knee? I think twice a week runing should mauntain fitness if you are doing otger things as well, swimming would be fantastic or if you are member of a gym, cross trainer might be good as you can still get a workout but with less impact to knee.

  • Oh I really wish I could swim well enough for it to do me any good! Sadly, I'm one of those people who bob about not getting their hair wet. :) I will think of something though, I refuse to be beaten by sore knees ! :)

  • You'll get there, you just have to pace yourself. You will get stronger. I agree swimming would be great! I do fitness DVD's at home to try and build my strength and I think they've done wonders. There are modifications for those with dodgy knees too, so everyone can have a go. Don't despair Mum! I think if you can get out just once a week it's better than not at all. I had knee issues for a while but as I got stronger they just disappeared. I hope yours do to

  • Pace is important, you're so right MissW. I know I went out too fast today, around 6.45/km rather than the 7.2 that I know I'm really comfortable with. I don't quite know why I did it, just daft I guess. Which DVDs do you use? There are so many out there and a recommendation would be really good. X

  • Wow! 4 km is an achievement in itself with dodgy knee! I wish I could do the same... my last 2 runs were really hard, legs like lead and painful knees... When I feel like that I try at least to walk at a fast pace, knees seem to like it more than running... and, if you can, swimming would be great. Take care of yourself and your knee - it's a bummer but it is more important to have a good knee than to run 5 k....​

  • Thank you Pigivi, you are right 4k is 4k and I'm not limping after the run, so that's a big plus. :)

  • Sorry to hear that, GM. I agree that cross-training will be great to maintain fitness; maybe run twice and cross-train once or twice too? Don't give up and don't get disheartened. Also remember that the first run back after a lay-off will always be a bit of a struggle while you get back into it; I find that sometimes after weekend off!

    Take it easy and try not to push yourself too hard. :-)

  • Thanks Sweetie. I was feeling a bit mizz when I got home. Apart from anything, even if I haven't been running for very long in the great scheme of things, I've been running long enough to know not to start out too fast! What a nelly!! I was just shocked by the fact that suddenly I couldn't go any further. It was the first time I just couldn't run another step. I've always had something left in the tank before.

    I think I need a plan. Not sure what plan but a plan is definitely called for. I need structure and I need a routine. Suggestions on a postcard please :) x

  • Chocolate fudge cake it is :)

  • Oh Kitty you lovely lovely lady, of course, you are right. You always talk such sense :)

    I'm still a baby runner and I do need to be grateful for what I can do and not rush things. Pilates or yoga or some sort of fitness DVD are probably essential to build up my truly lamentable core strength. I do know all this, I just have the brains of a goldfish (but sadly without the swimming ability.) I'm hoping to borrow a bicycle for the Discombobulated, so may try cycling on my non-run days -AncientDad's knee physio is a big fan of cycling as low impact knee exercise.

    In the meantime I'll stick with the Tubigrip Therapy and help myself to some cake. Chocolate fudge or lemon drizzle? Decisions decisions :) xxx

  • Poor you Ancient Mum - sorry to hear you're feeling glum. 4k is 4k though, dodgy knee or not and further than I could run! Might it just be that you set off too quickly and that's why your legs felt heavy, as your knees felt fine? Might be good to mix your exercise up anyway to protect your knees, and cycling and yoga sound perfect for that. Definitely lemon drizzle - I always kid myself that the lemon in it is one of my 5 a day!

  • Hahahahah lemon drizzle as one of your 5 a day. Brilliant!! I definitely set off too quickly. Won't be making that mistake again!

  • Never mind, you are out running and I bet your fitness levels soon get back to where they were before. Good luck ;)

  • Hey Missus, ONLY 4k ?? You have done brilliantly, despite all the setbacks you have had with your chest infection and knees , so dont beat yourself up m'dear :-) These injuries are so frustrating , I know. I am also trying to build up my strength and fitness. I walk 5k every day to work, but I have some exercise DVDs so I am going to give them a whirl. I really hope youre soon back on track, meanwhile I will plump up the cushions on the injury couch for you :-) xxx

  • Thank you lovely lady :) I've decided I was being a bit pathetic yesterday! I need to man up and just get on with it. I'm planning to run tomorrow morning Tubigripped up to my armpits and listening to a talking book. I'm going to set myself a nice easy pace and hopefully (if I get up early enough) get through 5k with no time pressures. Once I've done that I'll have a think about what comes next. I think I'm leaving speed on the back burner for a while. I'm no Miles_Yonder (obviously!!!!) and what I really want to do is get through the Morun without stopping, rather than get through it quickly. Thank you Sweetie for being so kind :)

  • No Epic Mum, you weren't being pathetic at all , seriously xxx Take it easy ((( ))) Big hug for you :-) xxx

  • I started with Jillian Michaels as she was the only fitness person I knew anything about through watching her on the Biggest Loser on telly. I have her compilation of DVD's from Amazon and I bought her yoga one too. I'm loving them. Never done anything like this stuff before but it's never too late to learn, and I'm feeling better for it.

  • Jillian Michaels it is then. Thank you MissW. Amazon here I come! :)

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