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Ok I have finished

well I have now run for 30 minutes 3 times but I am not going to get a badge or graduate or anything like that ...... knowing that I have done it is enough for me

Before I started C25K I always hated Running I have to say that I hate running even more now. It is so Boring

I honestly dont feel any fitter than I was all those weeks ago

My weight is still the same as it was not lost an ounce

I didnt feel elated when I had completed everything I just thought thank goodness that is all over now I can get back on my bike

Having said that and I know I am in a very small minority Well done everyone who is on the programme which is brilliant cos if this running hater can do it it anyone can

So Keep running my cycle clips nare ready and waiting

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At least you're honest! Well done anyway. It's horse for courses isn't it? If bikes are your thing what's wrong with that? Happy cycling :-)


Well done for getting there. Have you mostly been running on the treadmill? I admit I would find that boring too! In fact, I do have a treadmill but rarely use it now, as I'd rather run outdoors in the rain. ;-) When it comes to snow and ice then I may have to bite the bullet, but for now I will fight the elements and enjoy it. :-)


Wouldn't do if we all liked the same things , congratulations on completing the c25k & enjoy your cycling , you never know you may actually miss the running when your not doing it .


Well for someone who hasn't enjoyed any of the programme I have to say you have wonderful staying powers, its not easy doing something like this when you enjoy it, so very well done on completing the C25K.


My son loves his cycling, and like you can't see the point of walking / running if you can cycle instead. He makes an exception to this when he can get a parkrun in before he goes to work on a day when a proper ride isn't possible. Uses different muscles though - as I discovered last week. :-(


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