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Any Tips for Week 6 Run 3?


I just finished the 2nd run and actually feel a lot better than the first run this week, but I'm really nervous about run 3. I managed the 20 minutes, but only just - I was flagging near the end in all honesty, I know I have to put faith in the design of the programme (and Laura!) and I do, but does anyone who's done the 25 mins have any advice?

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Just dig in and go for it. You've been building stamina all the way through and Laura never asks you to do anything that you are not ready for. Just take it really steady. Don't start off too fast - you can speed up at the end if you still have anything in the tank!

You can do it - good luck


As Ullyrunner said, don't start too fast and keep that pace throughout. If you still have energy push it in the last minute or so..Laura will remind you. You have done the 20mn, so no reason why you could not do an extra 5mn! Go for it. You will feel brilliant when you have done it.

If you can, run somewhere pretty so you have views to distract you if you need them. Take it nice and steady. If you are really flagging, try a big broad genuine smile: sounds like lunacy but is my favourite trick - I think sometimes my body/mind just need a physical reminder that I'm enjoying this!


Great advice from the lovely people above. Yes, start really slow, then deliberately slow down some more. Let your body acclimatise to the run, and after 5-10 minutes you'll have naturally increased to your preferred speed. Try running somewhere completely new... if you run the same route that you ran W6r3 you'll know how much further you have to go, and this can put you off. New scenery will distract you. And finally, if all else fails, spot an upcoming lamp-post and run to that... but before you get there, spot an upcoming shadow on the path, and run to that... but before you get there spot an upcoming puddle and run to that. Home before you know it! :-)

Best wishes for your run, and let us all know how you get on!

hdcantonaGraduate in reply to MarkyD

thanks a lot for this (and everyone else who's commented!) - I moved out of my student accomodation this afternoon so I will be running in a new place, which may well help (I thought it would be a hindrance, but thinking about it as you described it could be a blessing in disguise!

Thanks everyone, feeling better about it already!

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