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W4 R3 Done!!! Still not sure how I've got this far....but I'm loving it!

This is my first post! I've been reading and getting inspiration from the wonderful posts from the people on here, and I thought it was about time I added to this. I did my first road (pavement) run this evening, I felt nervous going out there as I normally run in the the park away from everyone but it was too dark to go there tonight. However, it was ok, saw a few 'real' runners out there, who either nodded 'hello' of said 'hi'. I felt like I was part of a bigger running world! I'm so pleased I've got this far, I can't believe a few weeks ago I had to lie down on the sofa for an hour after my first outing. Thanks to everyone for posting on here and giving hope to new (almost) runners!! Bring on W5!! :-)

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Hi Anne,

I'm pleased that you are enjoying the program. It really is hard to believe how far we have all come.

Running on the road is different but usually a little quicker if your joints can take it.


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