Graduation at last!!!!

Well two weeks and one holiday after my near miss on W9R3 I finally got through it tonight. It's taken 3 visits after holiday to hit the 30 so a week late in graduating but I am so pleased with myself can't stop grinning. No where near 5k yet but I don't mind, gives me something to aim for. I don't remember being this happy when I got my BSc all those years ago. Starting this plan is one of the best decisions I have ever made and considering I've avoided exercise all my life I can't believe I've managed it and how much I'm enjoying it.

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  • What a lovely post, and congratulations!

  • Congratulations , you have not given in , and it just goes to show if your determined enough you can reach your goal . Well done .

  • Thank you both :-)

  • Yey, high five to you! Congratulations! I wish we could bottle that feeling :) well done, really pleased for you!

  • Wish I could, would make a fortune. It's been great, I've had support and encouragement at home and work and especially this forum and all it's wonderful members :-)

  • Doing my special dance for you :) Fanbloodytastic :D

  • Lol, thankfully had the gym to myself as went a little crazy as well, prob looked a right loony

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