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Graduation Day

Have just completed W9R3. Am no where near 5k, but I can run for 30 plus minutes. It has been hard going and doesn't get any easier, but I guess that's cos you're always pushing yourself! Now to decide whether to go for longer or faster?? I think longer might win the day, speed is not my forte! Also will look at learning to run outside! Don't feel quite as euphoric as I thought - maybe because I can't just give up now I've got here!!

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Congratulations. I graduated today and have decided to go for faster to get 5k in 30 mins x

I registered for my first charity 5k race last night so am determined to carry on now x


Many congratulations!

I have been graduated a while and still can't run 5k in 30 mins. I am going for distance over speed, but it's whatever motivates you I suppose. If you need support to increase your speed or stamina, check out the couch to 5k+ download.


Congratulations. Well done. I decided on a combination of both. Run 1 = time. Run 2= distance. Run3= freestyle ( whatever I fancy).

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Well done!


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